Yes the title is in the plural—celebrations. This week and next we will celebrate a number of times. On Friday commencement will celebrate a new class of alumni and the completion of the graduate and traditional undergraduate academic year. Degree completion students and faculty study and teach year round, and a new graduate semester starts […]

Faithfulness Requires Wisdom

On Tuesday April 28, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on whether the U.S. Constitution mandates or allows a re-definition of the historic meaning of marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman, and, if marriage is not so defined, whether all states must recognize same-sex marriages from those states that […]

Academic Quality

The question of academic quality is one of our preoccupations and rightly so. But it has risen in importance in this time of continuing change in “the ecology of higher education.” Today FPU, and every institution of higher education, faces increases in economic pressure as well as scrutiny from governmental agencies, the larger public and […]

Looking Foolish is No Fun

Sometimes it is called 20-20 hindsight. Looking back on a situation we often can see clearly what we should have done. We regret the wrong words that caused confusion,the angry words that damaged a precious friendship, the business decision that wasted a small fortune and made people lose their jobs, the one dumb play call that lost […]

Training, Education and Learning

An article on C. S. Lewis and other writers in the “Inklings” group in the magazine Christian History (highly recommended) reminded me how Lewis can state an insight with elegant simplicity. The author drew upon a little known essay that I had not read for many years called “Our English Syllabus,” a brief talk on […]