No Cuts to Cal Grant!

Thank you to all who wrote letters and emails, made telephone calls and visited lawmakers. Thank you Governor Brown. Thank you legislators. Praise God! The proposed 11 percent cut to the Cal Grant has been repealed for the 2015-2016 state budget signed June 16. As California’s higher education financial aid program, Cal Grant makes it […]

Endings and beginnings

Below is the public announcement that we are losing our athletics director who had been with us during three extremely challenging years of change in the university and in our athletics program. As you read this announcement, you can pause to thank God that he had prepared and brought to us a particular person who […]

Taking a moment

A number of groups have worked together through the process of reviewing the year now ending, and starting to plan for the next. Many voices and perspectives bring out the elements of our mission and issues that we each might not see alone. This last week the executive cabinet and the deans met, separately and […]

A true Champion is beautiful two ways

For the second year in a row the Fresno Pacific University baseball team was the national champion in the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) World Series in Ohio. At midseason it looked to me like the team was unlikely to even qualify for post-season play. But the players never quit working hard. They kept […]


It seems as if the academic year is hardly over, and here we are already planning for a new one. It seems that way, I suppose, because that is exactly how it is. In fact the planning started many weeks ago. What are we anticipating and planning for? Several things—let me list some of them: […]

Answered Prayers

Some prayers are spoken words, some are silent thoughts and some are actions. God answers all kinds of prayers. The 2014-15 fiscal and academic year is finished at Fresno Pacific University. The May commencement ceremony with over 7,000 people participating in Selland Arena is done. The financial books are being closed. The 40,000 grades are […]