Looking Into the Future

The Fresno Pacific University Board of Trustees approved a new strategic plan at its June meeting. Behind this plan is an understanding of the educational environment—the education ecology—within which FPU exists. Our ecology is a particular localized version of the national and international environment. Over the next years, as we move to achieve the goals […]

Celebrating good news!

Fresno Pacific recently received two enormously important pieces of good news that were officially posted on the same day. The first notice, by WASC, our accrediting association, reaffirmed our institutional accreditation for seven more years. Among other benefits, accreditation independently verifies our educational quality related to our mission and our financial stability. Accreditation is the […]

Supreme Court Decision in Context

This statement, released by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), appropriately expresses the concerns and aspirations of most of the members of this association in response to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court on the issue of gay marriage. We welcome your comments. Richard Kriegbaum, Ph.D. President, Fresno Pacific University CCCU STATEMENT […]

Summer Camps at FPU

Summer is one our few slow, or at least slower, periods at FPU. We have a couple of really fast times—August through October and March through May. Mid-June through July gives us a little chance to breathe and plan. That is not the case for our admissions staff, who are going full speed through the […]

Being Christ-like in an Anti-Christian Culture

New conditions require adaptations. Organizations that do not change fast enough or who make the wrong change fall behind. Recent actions by the courts and various government agencies have altered the ecology within which Fresno Pacific operates. A new legal and social environment requires adaptations. The process is constant. The one constant and dependable assumption […]

Is God up to Something at FPU?

Provost/Senior Vice President Stephen Varvis, Ph.D., is on vacation this week. Please welcome guest contributor Terry Brensinger, Ph.D., president of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary and vice president of Fresno Pacific University. I was struck a few days ago by a simple statement in Haggai 2:19. After rehashing various difficult experiences that had left Judah fragile […]

Letting go Tends to be Harder than Hanging on

The Smith House for Ministry is ready for full scheduling by FPU groups and programs. Located about a six-minute drive from the main campus, it has already been used for several major events, including the annual trustee dinner. This dramatic gated estate that adjoins Fancher Creek in Southeast Fresno was the residence of Ted and […]

No Cuts to Cal Grant!

Thank you to all who wrote letters and emails, made telephone calls and visited lawmakers. Thank you Governor Brown. Thank you legislators. Praise God! The proposed 11 percent cut to the Cal Grant has been repealed for the 2015-2016 state budget signed June 16. As California’s higher education financial aid program, Cal Grant makes it […]