Taking a Long View

We are two weeks into the first semester of the traditional school year (six weeks into the non-traditional). All students should be registered, and the first good reports are in for managing the university. By good I mean complete or useful. The first reports are a mix of good and not-so-good news. Enrollment could have […]

Teenage Groups in Adult Organizations

No one becomes a mature adult without passing through the often challenging stage of development that we know as “being a teenager.” The final part of that stage is the typical college years from about age 18 into the early 20s. It is the time when many major life decisions are made about one’s independent […]

We’re All in this Together

Well, we have started the year. Students are back. And it was a different start for some of us, and a remarkable beginning from my point of view. In last week’s Connecting Points President Kriegbaum laid out the last-minute challenges posed by the Rough Fire, still uncontained as I write. It had been planned that […]

The World is Coming and the Fires are Burning

New Fresno Pacific University students have arrived from nations around the world and from communities across America and the Central Valley to start the 2015-2016 academic year. From Albania, Avenal, Atlanta, Arizona and Atwater; from Greece, India, Russia and Ripon; from Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Kingsburg; from Denmark, Lithuania, Colombia and Clovis—God is […]

Gracious Christianity

Fresno Pacific University is a living experiment as a Christian University. This is both, I suppose, by design and by steady, consistent change over the last 35 years, some of which we could not have predicted. It has made for an interesting and exciting journey, and a few challenges. Of all of the universities in […]

Changing the Chief Change Agent

A healthy person is constantly changing. If you stop changing and adapting in a constantly changing environment, your health begins to deteriorate. It is obviously true of your physical health; your body must move. But it is equally essential for your spiritual and mental health. A large and complex organization like Fresno Pacific University is […]