Remembering and Renewing

The sixth annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration event “Remembering and Renewing King’s Dream for Peace” was held January 22 on the main FPU campus. The event is sponsored by the Provost’s Office, and is followed by a series of College Hour presentations and experiences for Black History Month (and this year in the McDonald […]

Vision and Scholarship

Last week President Kriegbaum said some nice things about my work at the university. I appreciate them very much, but I appreciate more the opportunity I have had to serve at Fresno Pacific University over the past three decades and still have to continue in the coming years as a professor. When I was younger, […]

Clarity for the New Year

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. But I always feel a renewed sense of mission and purpose as January opens into a new year. A good break over the holidays allows for shedding some old worries, and offers a chance to let a new perspective emerge. I purposely do not work during this time, unless […]

Commencement and the Vision for the Future

Last Friday, December 11, we celebrated the graduation of 420 students. They moved the tassels on their caps from right to left, symbolizing their commencement into a new stage in life. They moved from being students to alumni of Fresno Pacific University (joining about 23,000 others). They studied, developed mental and moral discipline and expanded […]

What We Really Celebrate

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with students at our regional campuses. Some were finishing their bachelor’s degrees in the degree completion program. The end of their 18 months of courses would soon be completed, and they would graduate and attend commencement on December 11. They were exited, even ecstatic. Other students had just […]


If you head south on Chestnut Avenue from Highway 180 toward the university, you will see a billboard that says “Advertising is evil, until it gets you to eat an orange.” We teach marketing and advertising and use it extensively, so I would not endorse the first clause in the statement. Advertising can be used […]

Education through Performance

My colleagues in communication, literature, art, music and athletics could put together more clearly what I write about this week. They live with the importance of performance in their academic disciplines and teaching, and know both theoretically and from experience how important public performance is in educating students. Especially in this time of the semester, […]