What A Ride!

In about a week I will move back from my role as provost/senior vice president into the faculty to teach a variety of history classes and business ethics, a topic that caught my attention a number of years ago and to which many of us need to pay attention. I hope to dabble in a […]

June 2016 Board Meeting Highlights

Don Griffith, Chair, FPU Board of Trustees The FPU Board of Trustees concluded productive meetings on Friday and Saturday of last week. These were positive meetings, in large measure due to the hard work of the faculty and staff over this past year, acting together to achieve a balanced budget, make progress on the strategic […]

FPU Year Round

It seems like we just celebrated commencement, and we did, less than a month ago. And now a new fall semester starts on July 1. What is going on here? What happened to the old fall, spring academic year? This is one of those changes we talk about but may not see unless we are […]

Biblical Wisdom as Well as Knowledge

I regularly am asked how biblical studies are included in FPU’s degree completion bachelor’s-level programs. I am also asked how professional programs integrate the liberal arts and sciences into the curriculum. It’s all about the creative construction of each program and how topics are blended to appeal to the professional needs of students, to prepare […]

The Week to Celebrate

By Thursday evening finals will be over. Whether graduating students actually finished a couple of months ago or have a class that lasts a couple of weeks further into May, all will have a chance to celebrate at commencement on Friday evening at Selland Arena in downtown Fresno. If it seems that commencement ceremonies come […]

Celebrating Scholarship

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the importance of scholarships in the lives of students, and how they allow students to study, achieve and go out into the world to serve. There is another meaning to that term when used in the singular, “scholarship.” It refers to the work of scholars, of people […]