Points of Prayer

All FPU faculty and staff—and many students—are aware that the five members of the WASC accreditation site visit team are on the main campus today after two of them visited the Bakersfield Center on Tuesday. The team is very well suited to understand our Christ-centered educational mission and our special role in our region, our […]

Reality Therapy

Mock WASC we call it, as in mock trial or mock battle. Not mock as in making fun of something, but as in rehearsing to prepare for the real thing. In this case the real thing is the visit of a team of higher education professionals from other WASC-accredited institutions who will help us see […]

Freedom of Faith

Planning the future of Fresno Pacific University is a continuous process. Currently our planning has been framed by the presentation of an initial draft of proposed major desired conditions, with an invitation to contribute changes and additions. We collaborate in the ongoing search for the consensus we need to wisely prioritize and organize our work […]

Planning and Diversity

The purpose of planning is to make selected future conditions more likely than they would be without intentional effort. Some good things usually happen just by God’s gracious kindness. But thousands of years of human history consistently confirm that purposeful and well-coordinated efforts are more likely to produce the desired conditions than hopeful and prayerful […]

Learning love and discipline

We are dedicated to learning. Our student learning outcomes (SLOs) are one of the chief ways we evaluate how well we are doing at our mission and core purposes and values. Learning means two related but separate things: gaining knowledge and gaining skill. Knowing something and knowing how to do something. Understanding and behaving. In […]

Learning to Follow

When the concept of the learning organization emerged with the publication of The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge (1990), a learning organization was distinguished from a traditional authoritarian organization. A traditional organization relies on a hierarchical structure of power and control to achieve desired results. People in positions with more organizational power over people make […]

Learning to Learn

I recently spent a noon hour with six young Fresno Pacific students and their teacher. The teacher was a staff member, Lisa Alvey, who is not formally a professor, and that was a powerful example of why every FPU employee must be a skillful, dedicated and thoughtful follower of Jesus, whose thoughts, language and behavior […]

On Changing Leaders

Our tagline at Fresno Pacific these days focuses on two large concepts: leaders and transformation. Leadership and change are inseparable. You do not need leadership to stay where you are, remain who you are, keep doing what you are doing and get the same results you have been getting. You need leadership to change. A […]