A Brief Farewell Message

This is my final Connecting Points. It is brief, like this presidency, which was a couple months short of three years. By the impressively dedicated, often sacrificial and consistently competent and faithful efforts of the vast majority of faculty, staff, trustees, prayer supporters and donors, a very great turnaround was accomplished. Despite significant external and […]

A Culture of Generosity

Mark Isaac, vice president for advancement and university relations Fresno Pacific University has benefited from the generosity of individuals, churches and companies for decades, but just recently has the university focused on developing a culture of generosity. What is a culture of generosity? It is the common perspective or attitude an organization has about charitable […]

Fresno Pacific University is a Christian University

In a world where the integrity of language is constantly disintegrating, the meaning and connotation of any given word or phrase can change dramatically, often in a very short time. This reality makes finding the right words to explain who you are as an individual or as an organization an ongoing challenge. The enormous power […]

A New Season Brings the Promise of Possibilities

Guest column by Donald Griffith, chair, Fresno Pacific University Board of Trustees Life seems to have seasons and cycles with one season naturally leading to the next, often bringing with it something new and different—and occasionally something completely unexpected. While these transitions may leave one wistfully remembering the past with fondness, they also bring the […]

Three Years Running

Almost three years ago, at about 10 o’clock on Tuesday evening September 16, 2014, the members of the Board of Trustees of Fresno Pacific University called Steve Varvis and me into a special meeting and informed us that they had appointed me president of the university, effective immediately. My first official action was to name […]

From Under Our Noses to a High, High Dive

Guest column by Carlos Huerta, CCT program director for community initiatives, and Randy White, D.Min., executive director of the CCT and associate professor of community transformation at FPBS. Some call it stealth, an organization that flies below the radar, exercising a quiet ethic of influence by innovative service that keeps producing fruit. But it is […]

Ending and Beginning

In the life of Fresno Pacific University every beginning depends on an ending. Every starting point has a history. Every commencement depends on a completion. At 10 o’clock Saturday morning May 6, 2017, in Selland Arena the Symphonic Band and organ broke into the rousing fanfare and processional music written by Professor Walter Saul that […]

Marvin Steinert Lives On

Marvin Steinert was an extraordinarily faithful and generous friend and supporter of Fresno Pacific University. He was also a faithful and loving personal friend, a wise counselor and guide, an inspiring encourager when things got tough and a kind but firm pillar of accountability. His earthly life ended on April 22, 2017, but because of […]

Days and Nights Full of Why

Life is a constantly flowing stream of decisions about what, why and how. This is true for each of us as individuals, and it is also true for organizations. We make most such decisions automatically. What do I need to do? Why do I need to do it? Why does it matter? Usually the why […]