Communication is the Key to Community

Communication is the Key to Community

Fresno Pacific is known for its community of diverse students, knowledgeable faculty and capable staff bound together by a common mission. But community doesn’t just happen by accident. Even in this past year the FPU community has thrived. Have you ever taken a moment to think how this was possible? I think it’s partially due to that fact that we’ve stayed in communication in effective, crucial and loving ways.

As part of the director team in the University Marketing and Communications Office, communication is literally my job. Every department needs communication to stay healthy and effective, but UMC is tasked with being the hub of all communication for the entire organization—a job we don’t take lightly. Whether we are assisting an FPU department with an email or finalizing a TV commercial, every bit of communication matters and all are direct reflections of FPU and its mission. And we view what we do through a lens of service—to individuals yes, but also to God. Every strategist, analyst, designer, project manager and web developer is aiming for the best, not only because the work demands it, but also because God delights in it.

I have seen this played out across numerous FPU departments this past year. Sure, our means of communication have looked vastly different, but the intention is still there. Just because we’re relying more on emails and virtual meetings doesn’t mean the educational experience for students is any less important, doesn’t mean prospective students are any less concerned about their futures, doesn’t mean our donors care any less. If anything, this past year has allowed all of us to pause and reflect on what’s truly important and driven us to passionately engage our Valley with the mission of Fresno Pacific University.

As Christians working at a faith-based institution this focus on communication for the kingdom shouldn’t stop when we clock out for the day. God created us to be beings that flourish in community, so how can that look for you? I’ve seen this firsthand in the relationships my family has made with my neighbors this past year. Having two small children, naturally we have been outside a ton which has fostered relationships with the people living on our block. As the kids play wildly, my wife and I have gotten to know and love our neighbors, who span generations and backgrounds. We’ve prayed with them through health struggles, decorated yards, exchanged gifts for holidays and birthdays, celebrated graduations and generally just enjoyed living alongside them.

Maybe for you this looks like taking the plunge in a small group through your church or getting that group chat back up and running with your old college friends. I encourage you to think through how you can be a communicator of God’s love wherever you’re planted. In Romans 10 Paul says, “how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?” God’s message of love and salvation needs communicators! How does that look for you today?


Jason Muñoz

Director of Marketing Operations, University Marketing and Communications