Supporting Our Colleagues as we do our Students

Supporting Our Colleagues as we do our Students

I’m sitting here in my home, the place I have been for many months now, enjoying the faint sound of rain drops, my dog curled up sleeping in her favorite spot on the couch behind me. It is here in this place that I find myself pondering this last year, with all of the uncertainty, loss, fear and grief we have experienced. Truth be told, I can’ t think about the past year without also remembering the good things. I have had a chance to regroup, to reflect and to attend to things that had long since been forgotten (who knew I would actually be able to keep a plant alive for more than a week?) I have had more time with my three daughters and have gotten to watch them grow at home.

I cherish these past few months for just that reason, it is almost as if time slowed just a bit and I was able to soak up the last moments and days of their childhoods, hear them laugh, help them through frustration and loss and watch them continue to grow into beautiful, strong women. Although the year has brought with it some fear, anxiety, a deep sense of uncertainty and a much deeper sense of vulnerability, I’m reminded of the great community we have here at Fresno Pacific University as we continue to walk this journey.

As a part of the Registrar’s Office team, we have the awesome privilege of meeting our students at every point of their educational journey at FPU. We see them as brand-new students, work with them throughout their journey and help them cross that finish line when their journey with us comes to an end and they graduate with their degrees. We, along with so many others, become a support system for our students. I believe we are called to do the same for our colleagues at the university.

When I think of what it means to support, Moses’ brother Aaron comes to mind. This man walked through, quite literally, the deep waters with Moses, and later even physically held Moses’ arms up when he no longer had the strength to continue to do it on his own. This last year we have not been able to physically walk through trials with others as we have in the past, and there have been times of great fear.

When I find myself in that place I remember the hope we have in Jesus, and I am reminded to trust him in all things. Just as we meet our students where they are, we can extend that same support to those we work with. I have found that often the people who need the encouragement the most don’t reach out and I am reminded today that when we feel that tug on our heart, when a friend or colleague is on our mind, that is often the nudging of the Spirit. A simple check in, a quick email, a text and prayers make a difference in the lives of those around us. We have great hope and strength in Christ. Hope for a better future, hope for strength in community. Hope that is powerful, and healing.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him” (Romans 15:13).


Shondra LeMaster

Associate Registrar