The New Normal Brings New Opportunities to Serve

The New Normal Brings New Opportunities to Serve

During a time when we are facing constant uncertainty and our worlds are changing almost daily, I found myself (like most people) battling the anxieties around how to navigate what everyone has been calling the “new normal.” In my roles as both a freshmen mentor and an assistant coach for the track and field program, I was frustrated with connecting with students on Zoom and not being allowed to give fist bumps and high-fives or hold hands during prayer after practice. I agreed to take on these roles because I wanted to do what I love most, engage with young adults in a context that is centered on Christ.

While I mourned the loss of “life as we know it,” I also began to reflect back on the blessing that was before me. Amidst the chaos and confusion, God has placed before me the opportunity to express the ingenuity and creativity that he has gifted to each and every one of us. And though I wrestled with losing hope in it, I am still pressing on. For once, I could break out of my daily routines and pursue my passions in a new way. For once, I asked myself, “What does it mean to do what I love differently? How do I remain positive and share hope?” I am sure many at FPU asked themselves the same kinds of questions, and I would offer a factor that I believe contributes to our ability to overcome times such as these: I thank God for a place like FPU where I am surrounded by people who have already bought into this vision. 

Being a part of a university that is committed to its students and greater community sets the stage for what it looks like to offer support, encouragement and hope in an effort to build up a new generation who will shape the world for the glory of the Lord. It is easier to remain optimistic and hopeful because I operate in a space that gives me the freedom to do so; I operate in a space that is not afraid to proclaim where hope truly comes from. Fresno Pacific University’s Christ-centered mission and vision bleeds out into its staff, faculty and administration and continues on through us into our students and greater community. Even in a time when we are facing constant uncertainty and our worlds are changing almost daily, FPU continues to point us to the one who certainly does not change.


Cyinna Drotos

Assistant to the Dean, School of Humanities, Religion & Social Sciences/Assistant Coach, Men’s & Women’s Track and Field/Freshman Mentor