Engaging the Cultures and Serving the Cities Through FPU’s Strategic Map

Engaging the Cultures and Serving the Cities Through FPU’s Strategic Map

At its October Board meeting the Fresno Pacific University Board of Trustees affirmed the Strategic Plan revisions, which are now identified as the FPU Strategic Map 2019-2022. Over the past two years students, staff, faculty and trustees have provided input for clarity in institutional direction. The university’s revised vision statement approved in June 2016 and the Fresno Pacific Idea are the driving forces that framed the overarching goals of the map.

Over this next semester, we will dedicate each Connections to highlighting progress, plans and projections on the work toward our five goals. I will introduce the goal during the first week of each month followed by colleagues across campus who will address the objectives. We will hear from members of our community about strategic implementation, proposed innovations and progress toward objectives.

Following the acronym GEIST, which identifies the goals, we will introduce each goal with its objectives. During the month of January, we will review GROW Strategically; February – ENGAGE Collectively; March – INNOVATE Creatively; April – SERVE Courageously; and May – TRANSFORM Purposely. The five goals (GEIST), inspires our community in corporate application and cooperation to strengthen our resolve to actualize the Idea.

We expect contributions and support in each of these areas across the university. Departments and divisions will provide annual action plans which will be assessed at the end of each semester. All work in these areas will be posted on the institutional website. A review of our progress will be reported at the end of each academic year and during the State of the University Report.

As a reminder, the University Vision Statement approved June 2016 is as follows: Fresno Pacific is a vibrant Christ-centered university that is transforming California’s Central Valley and global communities through exemplary service to students of all ethnicities and cultures. Innovative programs encourage academic and professional excellence, peacemaking, social justice, ethical leadership, holistic wellness and spiritual vitality.

Goal One: GROW Strategically

Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back, lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes…Do not be afraid, you will not be put to shame (Isaiah 54:2,4).

We have broadened our borders from Merced to Bakersfield. Now we must steward the ground we have gained. The Idea challenges us to extend the influence of the Kingdom of God through our students. One way to extend that influence throughout the Central Valley is to expand opportunities for high school and community college students to obtain bachelor’s degrees. Our accelerated programs at our regional campuses have grown through those who have left community colleges at some point and decided to pursue a degree later in life.

Research by the College Futures Foundation reveals that increased four-year degrees are vital to the economic development of the Central Valley. Numerous students who apply to the CSUs and UCs are experiencing increasing difficulty in securing a place at a four-year university. Most recently over 74,000 students who were eligible for the CSUs and UCs could not find a place due to the lack of capacity of the publics to serve. The Futures report is expecting this demand to increase and has identified the Central Valley as one of the two most critical areas. The state and regional communities have identified a critical need where FPU is able to grow capacity and serve. This extended growth will testify to our commitment to engage the cultures and serve the cities in the region.
There are four objectives under Goal One:

  1. Increase the overall average student population to 5,000 students per semester, including 1,200 TUG students.
  2. Increase scholarship/annual fund revenue through a comprehensive fund development plan which includes greater alumni participation, broader donor-base and grant development.
  3. Expand revenue streams that support improvement of academic programs and innovative initiatives.
  4. Build and restore facilities that aid recruitment, encourage alumni loyalty and strengthen the university’s image.

We trust that these Connections in the coming semester will be informative and keep the FPU community abreast to our corporate progress in meeting each objective. The approved Strategic Map is posted on the President’s page on the intranet. The President’s Cabinet will be inviting members of the community to contribute to this media dialogue over this spring semester. You will also notice that our goals (GEIST) will be posted and viewed electronically on all our campuses. The President’s Office welcomes any stories or anecdotes that may encourage the community as we move forward in living out the Fresno Pacific Idea. Please submit these to featureme@fresno.edu


Joseph Jones, Ph.D.