Christmas: A Celebration of the Giving of Life

Christmas: A Celebration of the Giving of Life

Christmas is more than a season of singing carols and exchanging gifts. It is a celebration of the gift of life. When God gave his son, he gave us life. “Rejoice, that the immortal God is born, so that mortal man may live in eternity (John Haus).”

In the beginning the Father of Life breathed into mankind and he became a living soul. Man and woman were lured into death by deceitful words from the father of lies. In only a moment they lost sight of the God who had created them for peace and fellowship. They disregarded his presence, forgot his words and pursued a purpose outside his plan. The very word that created intimacy was lost by the grasp to gain more than what was given. Their hearts were deceived to crave for something that did not exist. So, they pursued their own passion, stepped outside the light and lost the greatest gift that man could receive—life. So, this gift of life was resigned to darkness, and death began its reign over mankind.

The Father of Light again provided a word that transported his breath through the birth of a child. This word became flesh and lived among us. The word was light and life to all mankind. The word was the door, the truth and the light to peace and fellowship with God. All who receive his words would regain that which was lost. This child came, but was not recognized by the mighty, nor the scholars, not even those who counted themselves to be holy. The testimony of this light came from humble shepherds who awaited the hope of a messiah. In their darkness they saw a great light, celebrating the coming of the King of Kings.

As this child grew in stature and wisdom towards the time of his revelation, an unexpected group of fishermen recognized the light and followed him. During his ministry, some failed to see him, others failed to hear him, even some who expected him did not recognize his visitation. The light came to dispel darkness, but hearts were blinded by desires of personal gain. The gift had come but was seen only by the humble, the brokenhearted and those who recognized their need for the gift.

Each year we rejoice in this gift of life which comes to us through the King of Kings. We are careful not to be distracted by the parties, ceremonies, gifts and business associated with the season. These things tempt us to lose sight of the messiah who came as a child, gave his life as a man, arose from the dead as our savior and now reigns as King of Kings. May we be so careful not to forget his purpose in coming and the gift he has given to all who believe. One of this season’s temptations is to lose site of the presence of the one we celebrate. If we are distracted by the celebration, we can be lured into forgetting its real purpose.

Let’s rejoice in this new life that comes from above, celebrating that Christ Jesus has come to us and now abides with us. Christmas is a celebration of life; the life that God gives to all who would seek him. May we all rediscover this abundant life afresh in ways that inspire others to see the Christ in Christmas.


Joseph Jones, Ph.D.

University President