A Brief Farewell Message

A Brief Farewell Message

This is my final Connecting Points. It is brief, like this presidency, which was a couple months short of three years. By the impressively dedicated, often sacrificial and consistently competent and faithful efforts of the vast majority of faculty, staff, trustees, prayer supporters and donors, a very great turnaround was accomplished. Despite significant external and internal challenges, Fresno Pacific is headed in the right direction. Much hard but potentially satisfying work lies immediately ahead, and the disciplines of good financial and academic management that are being learned must be mastered and become habits of the heart and the work of each day.

God has called and anointed a great new presidential couple in Joseph and Yvette Jones. Dr. Joe is capable of leading FPU forward, but every leader ultimately depends on the faithful wisdom, courage and the strength of followers who always try to do the right thing for the greater good, who always ensure that the president knows what he needs to know to lead well and who give and receive forgiveness for the inevitable mistakes.

I made many mistakes and failed to do many things that needed doing. It is the unavoidable reality of this sort of leadership. To all those who forgave and did your part to correct me and help me keep going, I give my heartfelt thanks. More than you can ever understand in this life, you carried me when I could not walk. Your new president will need you just as I did. He and his wife have responded to God’s call to this difficult role of organizational and spiritual leadership at this tough time. They come as stewards of this great work in God’s kingdom. They are worthy of your love, your confidence, your prayers and your faithful and wise service. Pray for them.

The FPU Board of Trustees is well led, engaged, informed and committed to its own ongoing development through training, performance evaluations and the intentional selection of new members. These servant-leaders take seriously the reality that the institution will never be better than its board. Pray for them.

Major positive developments are highly likely during this presidency. Thank God for them, but do not be tricked into thinking that they lessen the urgent and unending need for good stewardship which requires tight financial and academic management.

Peggi will continue her leadership of the Office of Continuing Education, and I will try to complete some unfinished writing projects. I may serve in some low-visibility ways as President Jones may desire and direct. So when you do not see me on campus, it is an intentional and planned expression of my respect for the new president and my love for Fresno Pacific. For mortals the miracle of Fresno Pacific is impossible, but with God, all things are possible. Pray for miracles. Thank God when you see them. Thank you.

Kriegbaum Richard

Kriegbaum Richard

9 responses to “A Brief Farewell Message”

  1. It has been an honor to serve under Kriegbaum 2.0, the Sequel. Perhaps one of my children will have to the chance to serve in your next administration. 😉

  2. To Rich – “Well done, good and faithful servant!” For a number of years I watched you from afar as a presidential colleague and admired and respected your leadership; for the past two years I have watched you up close as a consultant and my admiration and respect for you has grown exponentially. You stepped in quickly, unexpectedly for a second term and guided Fresno Pacific exceedingly well with your strong, competent, gracious leadership and a deeply caring spirit.

  3. Rich, thank you for answering the call to serve. I believe you were the right man at the right time. May the Lord bless you with clarity and wisdom for this new season of service.

  4. We treasure your leadership of this hallowed place. You will always be FPU’s Grover Cleveland (the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms), and we will always be deeply indebted to you and Peggi and your leadership over these last three very good years. Through you, the Lord has been good and kind to us. Thank you.

  5. Dr. Kriegbaum, what a well written, thoughtful final post. Evidence of your servant leadership and character. Best wishes and God’s richest blessings in all of your future endeavors.

  6. It was a privilege to become acquainted with you and I am grateful you answered the call. God’s best to you in the next chapter. Jeff Spear