Please Pray for Fresno Pacific

Please Pray for Fresno Pacific

The spiritual work we do every day at Fresno Pacific is impossible in human terms. But we firmly believe that “with God all things are possible,” and depend on your prayers every day. Your faith is the simple, powerful way to worship God by asking him to do these miracles.

What follows is a list of some things I’m engaged with or aware of at FPU. Please look with an open heart, pick something or someone that catches your attention and talk with God about it. Some deserve thanks to God. Others need God to act, often by moving people to say or do something and some are both.

Do not be concerned whether the prayer seems big and important. Every item is important to someone at Fresno Pacific. What I have provided is just your starting point, so let your prayer expand to whatever the Holy Spirit brings to your mind. I recommend being where you can pray aloud, but do whatever works best for you.

These items are not in any order of priority, so just skim, choose and pray.

  1. The FPU Board of Trustees meets this weekend, February 24-25, on campus starting at noon Friday and continuing until the agenda is completed, with a full day of board training by a consultant on Saturday.
  2. We have amazingly skilled and dedicated faculty, coaches and staff working with our 3,500 students. Their success in that ministry requires professional competence, spiritual wisdom, moral courage and Christian grace, and the exercise of those gifts depends on prayer.
  3. The search for a new provost/senior vice president is open. The job description is posted on our website and will quickly be posted on others. We need highly qualified Christian academic leaders to apply.
  4. Annual fund contributions are about $200,000 behind budget year-to-date. We need a surge of donations before the fiscal year ends April 30.
  5. We are trying to hire a dean for the School of Business. This is a very hard, but crucial, position to fill.
  6. A consultant is evaluating the effectiveness of the Office of Spiritual Formation, College Hour/Chapel, and the integration of curricular and co-curricular spiritual development.
  7. The dominant culture convinces many of our students that any sexual activity between any consenting people is morally acceptable, whether heterosexual or same sex, and regardless of any man/woman marriage covenant. These values of the dominant culture contradict our faith statement and related policies.
  8. Consultant Paul Corts has the initial training meeting with the provost search committee Friday, February 24, at 8:00 a.m. Other search meetings with various campus groups will happen all day. We need consensus on what qualifications matter most.
  9. Legal documents were recently signed for two irrevocable planned gifts that will eventually create very large endowments with the Fresno Pacific University Foundation. Other significant endowment gifts are being received.
  10. On Saturday, April 8, President-elect Joseph Jones and wife Yvette will visit campus for the annual MCC Sale. A heavy schedule of meetings with faculty and administrators will fill his schedule April 10-13 as he prepares to assume his new role July 1.
  11. The SB 1146 legislation requires us to develop and post public disclosure statements explaining to prospective students and employees our beliefs, policies and behavioral standards that do not condone sexual activity outside of a marriage of one man and one woman. These statements must express our commitment to demonstrate Christ-like loving kindness to all persons, including in particular persons with same-sex attraction or identity, while not approving behavior that contradicts our moral values.
  12. A search committee is working to hire a new executive director of the Fresno Pacific University Foundation.
  13. Major changes are being made in all academic and support programs to improve the financial effectiveness and sustainability of the entire university. These changes will have unavoidable impact on the lives of some faculty and staff.
  14. External evaluation reports are expected soon on our enrollment and financial aid policies, systems and the performance of our face-to-face academic programs. These reports will guide major planning to increase enrollment and improve net financial performance.
  15. A search committee is working to hire a new associate vice president to lead the development of online, continuing education and other programs in the recently formed Academic Innovation unit.
  16. Several key administrators and faculty have been fighting serious illness for over a month.
  17. Board Chair Don Griffith is bearing an extremely heavy responsibility with the hiring and transition our new president and the need to restructure the institutional budget, while also carrying a leadership role in his business.
  18. Music students and faculty are sharing their talent. Frank Velasco, now an FPU freshman, founded and leads a flute choir at his alma mater, University High School. That group appeared today on Valley Public Radio’s Young Artist Spotlight. Listen here: org/post/young-artists-spotlight-university-high-flute-choir. Erik Leung, D.M.A., music department chair, will give a presentation on our Symphonic Band at the College Band Directors National Association conference March 15-18 in Kansas City.
  19. Many personal, spiritual, academic and competitive successes are being achieved by students and coaches in our Sunbird athletics program. Director of Athletics Aaron Henderson has a very challenging role.
  20. The president-elect and his wife are finishing their educational and church leadership in Lahore, Pakistan, during ongoing terrorism as they also manage their move to Fresno and transition into the presidency of FPU.
  21. Threats and uncertainties are raising anxiety for our DACA students and their families, professors and friends. Wise public policy and wise cooperative action by FPU and many other Christian universities are needed to respect the law and follow the teachings of Christ.

Thank you for praying.

Kriegbaum Richard

Kriegbaum Richard