Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers

Some prayers are spoken words, some are silent thoughts and some are actions. God answers all kinds of prayers.

The 2014-15 fiscal and academic year is finished at Fresno Pacific University. The May commencement ceremony with over 7,000 people participating in Selland Arena is done. The financial books are being closed. The 40,000 grades are final. No more learning, teaching, singing, donating, cleaning, mowing, accounting, making, laughing, crying, counseling, reading, writing, worshiping, playing sports, music, theater, dreaming or praying will be packed into that year.

It was a hard year and a good year. It was a year of sudden changes: A new chair for the Board of Trustees and a new president. Major reductions in budgets and staffing. Deaths of parents of faculty and staff.

It was also a year of great achievements: Record fall degree enrollment of over 3,700. Meeting the budgeted fundraising goals. An adequate positive financial balance. A favorable accreditation review with encouraging affirmations and manageable challenges. The Butler Church vacant lot was purchased and paid for. A strategic plan was developed. And baptisms of newly committed followers of Jesus Christ.

It was a year of answered prayers. Some prayers are words spoken aloud or written, some are silent thoughts of the soul and some are actions. Work done and contributions made in the kingdom of God are action prayers, kingdom service offered in hopes of enjoying God’s blessing. God answers all kinds of prayers. And this year, at Fresno Pacific, God answered a lot of spoken, silent and action prayers with the subtle smile of his grace. Thank you for your prayers of all three kinds. You created a very special year at Fresno Pacific University. Many thousands of lives were changed forever, including mine.

That is what one year at a great Christian university can do. I thank God on every remembrance of you and all you do.

Kriegbaum Richard

Kriegbaum Richard

2 responses to “Answered Prayers”

  1. President Kriegbaum,

    Just a note of thanks for all that you have done here at FPU this year. As a newer faculty member, I have been continually grateful for your work and leadership. May your summer be a justly restorative one! -Nathan Carson

  2. Rich, you were the answer to many prayers. Thank you for your leadership.