Looking Foolish is No Fun

Looking Foolish is No Fun

Sometimes it is called 20-20 hindsight. Looking back on a situation we often can see clearly what we should have done. We regret the wrong words that caused confusion,the angry words that damaged a precious friendship, the business decision that wasted a small fortune and made people lose their jobs, the one dumb play call that lost the championship. We have all seen it and done it: looking foolish is no fun. But it can be very valuable.

When we do not see our folly, when our blunders are not apparent to us, we do not learn and improve. The law protects the decisions of a person who acts like “a reasonable person.” The law does not protect us when we take uninformed foolish actions.

A fool returns to his folly, repeating the same kinds of blunders in various areas of life. A wise person listens to the counsel of wise friends, and with a humble heart acknowledges the folly and changes. A healthy communitywhether it is a for-profit business, a nonprofit, a church or a nationdemonstrates the habit of humility that is the necessary precursor of learning. Pride goes before a fall because pride protects the fool from looking foolish.

A great Christ-centered university demonstrates the humility that allows all its members to speak the truth in love and be safe enough to admit mistakes and learn: trustees, faculty, staff, administrators and students all need this freedom and safety, even if it makes us look foolish at times for things we should have decided or done differently. Looking foolish is no fun, but the only alternative is to remain a fool. And a ship of fools may all feel good together, but their voyage will not end well. So Fresno Pacific University must continue to cultivate a culture of candor, with the transparency and the humility that allows us to learn and grow together.

Kriegbaum Richard

Kriegbaum Richard

3 responses to “Looking Foolish is No Fun”

  1. Good comments!
    Sounds a lot like what Josh James Riebock was sharing today in College Hour. I think he is well worth hearing Friday!
    In Christ,
    Walter Saul

  2. Blessings Richard,

    Once again I enjoy reading your “nuggets” of wisdom and leadership. Thank you for reminding us in a time as this, with Christians targeted from the unholiness as always, but advertised like no other time due to social media. Will we live our lives well, or be bound by what entangles, binds, and chokes? Sometimes the familiarity brings comfort… even though it tightens around our necks. Sometimes, we place others above the Word which “is the lamp onto our feet”. Bless you and your quick Word of life, wisdom and living reflecting Christ I sent a quick prayer sent for your brother with PD.

    Bless you and Peggy… as you lead FPU beyond its expectations by the power of the Holy Spirit…

    Hope to see you soon,
    Joyce Inouye

  3. I have so enjoyed reading and considering what is shared in this note from Rich and it is one more reminder to me, personally, of the investment all of us have in our work and contributions made to the school and to our students and our community.

    It’s okay for any of us to look foolish while having hearts that are sincere. I’ll take foolish over cool any time!