Day 6: A Day in Chengdu

by Kassie Klien. Hello from Chengdu! We spent today at Chengdu Technological University, also known as CDTU. This vocational university was founded in 1913 and has around 13,000 students. CDTU works to prepare students for jobs for organizations such as Foxconn and Intel. (Next time you use your Apple product, think of CDTU students!) We […]

Day 5: Pandas!

by Samra Gebretsadkan. Day 5 of the China adventure started after breakfast. The team left the hotel around 8am to take the subway to the panda breeding research center in Chang du. Outside our hotel on the way to the subway, there is a giant panda hanging from the International Finance Building. After two trains […]

Day 3: The Great Wall!

by Megan Kroeker. Hi Everyone! Today the big event was “walking” the Great Wall of China. We woke up at about 6:30am, ate some delicious hotel breakfast (I got pork buns which is my new favorite thing), and loaded everyone onto the bus. We drove about 2 hours into a beautiful mountainous region. Despite my […]

Day 2: Beijing!

This is Kelsey. Today (June 1st in China) we took the subway and bus to make our way to various Beijing destinations. There is no such thing as personal space and the rule of the game is shove or be shoved! We visited the Temple of Heaven first. All buildings are focused on cosmology and […]

Day 1 in China!

from Ken: We made it! A mere 36 hours of travel from FPU to the Hanting Express Hotel near downtown Beijing! Flights were all smooth and we got to experience a small taste of Japanese food and culture in the Tokyo airport on the 4 hour layover on the way Beijing. No travel problems at […]

FPU China and Vietnam 2019!

China and Vietnam, here we come! We are fourteen FPU students and four faculty ready to embark on a six week, 25,000 mile adventure through some of the most scenic, historic, rugged, and absolutely incredible lands on God’s good earth. Open up the blog and then on this map link to see where we are […]