Day 1 in China!

from Ken: We made it! A mere 36 hours of travel from FPU to the Hanting Express Hotel near downtown Beijing! Flights were all smooth and we got to experience a small taste of Japanese food and culture in the Tokyo airport on the 4 hour layover on the way Beijing. No travel problems at all. Myrrl and Ruthie Byler from Mennonite Partners in China and Hung Tao, their assistant, were there to welcome us at the Beijing airport, an enormous affair that stretches for mile after mile. A mere hour bus ride later and we were at the hotel. After freshening up we went for a 3 hour walk in and about some of the remaining ‘old quarters’ of downtown Beijing that have not given way to the high rises apartments and skyscrapers of the modern city. Climbed a crazy number of large steps to make it to the top of the bell tower where we had a great view of the area. We had a great Chinese dinner to end the last day and then we all went too snoozy land. Well, not everyone, but some of us were tired….

lunch at the Tokyo airport
inside the upside down umbrella store

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