How You Can Pray For FPU In The New Year

This Year the University family has embraced 10 strategic priorities that provide a roadmap for facilitating an engaged presence. These markers will be strategic for us as we follow Christ in Kingdom thinking and ministry formation. Help us, as we seek to do HIS will, by praying for these priorities along with us. Increase efficiency […]

A Leader Worth Serving…

A Leader Worth Serving, a sermon preached by Dr. Wilson Col 1:15-18 Over the Last few weeks I have discovered that our brother Paul has laid out for us a prerequisite for Love and leadership in the church. We have observed how he was passionate for them because of their faith in Jesus Christ and their […]

Where Does Revival Start?

by Billy Graham The bickering, prejudices, ill will, envy, jealousy, bitterness and criticism among Christian people today must end before revival can begin. Revival must begin in the hearts of Christians before evangelism can be brought effectively to the world. When Christ’s disciples settled their differences, gave up their selfishness, confessed their sins and allowed […]