Experiencing WSCUC

In the coming weeks and months you will be seeing some reflections from a number of us at FPU who have been a part of accreditation efforts, either here at FPU or on other campuses or as part of visiting teams.  We hope these postings will help us understand the accreditation process, how to prepare […]

Self-Study Proposal

The next stage of our re-accreditation is now complete.  Some might call it the end of the first stage.  We have submitted our “proposal.”  The WSCUC process is something like an academic study.  We must pose questions to research about ourselves, our university, our work, and the achievements of our students.  We have selected three […]

WSCUC IS COMING….Let’s Get Ready!

FPU is in the midst of  its accreditation process which will continue though fall 2014.  University-wide accreditation is required under the federal Higher Education Act, and takes place at either seven- or ten-year intervals.  The accreditation of the entire institution (as opposed to specific programs) provides assurance to the public that the university has met […]

WSCUC–Continuous Improvement

Welcome to the new FPU WSCUC blog.  WSCUC refers to  the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  We are accredited by the Senior Commission of WSCUC. As we continue in our three year (2012-2014) accreditation process of analysis, reporting, visits and responses, we want everyone to have a place anyone can go for information, to ask questions, and to […]