One of the new WSCUC emphases is transparency.  The meaning of this is very simple.  The accreditation reports written on a university and the official letters sent by WSCUC to a school on the status of accreditation are open to the public. And the institutions basic completion rates are also publically available. You can find […]

Educational Effectiveness Review Timeline

May 2013  April-June 2013:  Respond to CPR, correlate and prioritize recommendations, reformulate Inquiry Circles, report to all involved; integrate recommendations with Strategic Plan. June-July 2013: Set up Inquiry Circle agenda; begin response to key recommendations. August 2013: Fall Kick-off of Continuous Improvement Committee and Inquiry Circles September-December 2103: Inquiry Circles meet: gather data, policy/procedures, institutional […]

WSCUC Highlights and Planning–May 2013

We are now finishing a long and productive year of WSCUC work.  Here are some notes as we push forward into the new year of our work together.  We should congratulate ourselves one more time on the very positive CPR Review! Note the commendations on: Addressing Core Competencies—Critical Thinking, Writing, Meaning and Rigor Meeting the […]

Commendations and Recommendations

When a WSCUC teams visits and reports to the university, they always offer both commendations and recommendations.  The Visiting Team for our Capacity Report (CPR) and Visit just left an hour ago, so we have their commendations and recommendations.  I will summarize them briefly, not in detail.  We need to wait for their official written […]

Open Forum Invitations

All members of the FPU Community are invited and welcome to attend the open forum session schedule for them (student, staff, faculty) to meet with the WSCUC Visiting Team.  Please check your schedules and plan to attend. They want to hear from you. WSCUC Site Visit March 20-22, 2013  You are invited to meet with […]

One Month to WSCUC Visit

We are less than one month away from the arrival of the WSCUC Visiting Team for our “Capacity “review.  Our report was delivered in December; the visiting team has been reviewing it and raising questions that they will ask us when we meet.  Here are some particulars:  Visit Date: March 19-22.  March 19–visit one or […]

Capacity Report Completed!

The New Year is here and our Capacity Report is due today, January 2.  I am happy to report that we submitted it on December 21, before the Christmas break. The Capacity Report (or CPR) was the result of the work of more than 100 people on campus from faculty and staff, administrators and students, […]

Capacity Report Process—Buckets!

We are now deep in the “capacity” report process.  There are five taskforces working our themes and special topics requested by WSCUC.  The special topics are really part of the new process that is being piloted with nine institutions, but we were asked to include them in ours.  The taskforces are: our themes— student achievement […]

Reaccreditation: A series of focused conversations

WSCUC reaccreditation has changed significantly since FPU last completed the process in 2002. Reaccreditation is no longer driven by a single self-study with a definitive compliance checklist. Now it is an opportunity for systematic institutional self-analysis to promote improvement in educational quality. The new process is outcome-based and future-oriented; it is meant not to produce […]

Merced Center Substantive Change

We hosted a WSCUC visitor to our Merced Regional Center this week to complete our “substantive change” application process approval.  The application was submitted last Fall, approved officially in January, and the last step was the visit by a colleague from the University of San Francisco, who is a member of the WSCUC Substantive Change […]