The Work of the CIC

This post contributed by Dr. Cindy Carter, Dean of Degree Completion and Accreditation CIC Community Meetings

  • What is CIC?

Mission/Purpose of the Continuous Improvement Committee – To thoughtfully and creatively:

  1. Guide the accreditation study and process of Fresno Pacific University;
  2. Communicate and encourage its purpose, progress and goals with the various constituencies of the university;
  3. Deliberate and recommend direction on significant decisions;
  4. Contribute to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and information;
  5. Participate in the writing of the report; and
  6. Celebrate the work of the entire university community as it conducts and completes the Educational Effectiveness
  7.  Review and hosts our visiting team.
  • Who serves on the CIC?  

Members of the Continuous Improvement Committee community consist of 12 staff, 12 faculty, and 17 administration members from the following departments:  Institutional Research, Degree Completion, the Hiebert Library, Center for Online Learning, Office of Spiritual Formation, Technology Operations, Financial Aid, Student Life, Registrar’s Office, Provost’s Office, Graduate Admissions, Finance/Business Affairs, Advancement, Human Resources, Communications, the Regional Centers, Institutional Effectiveness, the School of Business, the School of Natural Science, the School of Humanities, Religion and Social Sciences, the School of Education, and the Biblical Seminary.

  • When have we met and what have we done?

1.  April 10, 2014:

  1. Summary updates from all six Inquiry Circles.
  2. Analyses of research by Critical Thinking and Academic Rigor groups.
  3. New information about OneDrive and SharedOne for evidence files.

2.  February 21, 2014:

  1. Olympics style event: Brainstorm institutional evidence supporting EER.
  2. Updates: Contemporary trends in higher education regulatory agencies.

3.  November 20, 2013:

  1. Clarification regarding CIC’s role, timelines, philosophies, and relationships.
  2. The significance of abundant evidence was emphasized and Circles were launched.
  • What happens next?
  • The CIC will be called to consult on evidence files and on final narratives.
  • The CIC will lead all of FPU in celebrating our collaborative successes.