Continuous Improvement Continues

Here we are in a new year, and there seems to be no other way to say it other than the spirit of our accreditation work continues to generate improvement for FPU as a learning institution.  I am sure there is another way to say it, but we will leave it at that. 

Let me offer some updates on our work.

  • Thank you to Dr. Cindy Carter, Dean for Degree Completion, who has taken on the responsibility of guiding the next stage in our accreditation process. Cindy brings much experience to this work having been an ALO (Accreditation Liaison Officer) herself, with much experience with WSCUC specifically.  Thank you, Cindy, for taking on this task.  We are looking forward to your leadership.
  • The Continuous Improvement Steering Committee has been meeting since August, planning for the work ahead.  Thank you to: Cindy Carter, Gary Gramenz, Joanne Weiss, Mike Allen, Karen Cianci, and our newest member Jim Bryan.  All of these creative people have been selected because of their previous accreditation experience.  We are bringing a wide range of viewpoints to the table as we move ahead.
  • We have dates for our Educational Effectiveness Report (EER) and Visit which just arrived last week:  Report due Dec. 6, 2014 and Visiting Team, Feb 25-27, 2015.  Mark these dates.  We will all be here to welcome back the team, many of whom will be with us for the second time. Remember that these dates and times take precedence over EVERYTHING!  Who would want to miss out on any of it?
  • The Continuous Improvement Committee (CIC) had it first meeting this week where we laid out the task ahead of us.  We know how to do this now.  Our Inquiry Circles will be meeting soon.  Reports will be due in April for most, and Oct for a couple of others.  Thank you to all who are serving as chairs and members of the Inquiry Circles and/or on the CIC.
  • We are continuing the work on the recommendations given to us by (a) the WSCUC Commission in its official letter, (b) the visiting team which recommendations the Commission approved, and (c) ourselves in our report.  Just a reminder too that that our Strategic Planning Taskforce had the chance to incorporate the Team’s recommendations and our own into the Strategic Plan.  As we move forward we will be working on unified projects that move the university forward in very helpful ways.
  • Finally, remember that Assessment or the demonstration of student learning through the deliberate planning for teaching and measuring how well student achieve our “student learning outcomes” is at the heart of the accreditation process. We plan, organize for, and “assess” student learning outcomes.  This includes those hard to measure outcomes like “Reflection,” “Moral Reasoning.” “Service,” and “Cultural and Global Perspective” that are among our outcomes and that are unique to FPU. (For these see FPU Student Learning Outcomes.)  When we complete academic program reviews, modify our teaching for greater of achievement of outcomes, and set budget priorities in light of our data on student learning we are doing the central work of accreditation.

Thank you again to the whole campus for the work we did in the 2012-13 academic year.  You showed WSCUC our FPU community dedication and commitment to students, learning, teaching, scholarship, and serving in an often broken world.