WSCUC Commission Action Letter and Visiting Team Report

We have received the official WSCUC response to our Capacity self-study and report. Another step in our accreditation study and project has been completed. In March the Visiting Team spent two plus days on the FPU main campus, and one day at the Visalia Regional Center.  They produced their report and delivered to us (to which we responded positively) and to WSCUC. In late June the WSCUC Commission met and acted on the report and FPU’s accreditation status. We now have a letter indicating the Commission’s formal action or response to us.

It offers affirmation to the work we are doing, and endorses the commendations and recommendations of the visiting team, and gives us a couple of additional things to think about and work on.  They affirmed our work, and our direction.    

You can find the Commission’s “action letter” to FPU—the official WSCUC response to our Capacity study—along with the visiting team’s report on the WSCUC FPU page on the WSCUC website. These are now public documents. Posting them on the web is part of the new agenda of openness and transparency of the accreditation process nationally.

People who work with WSCUC (the staff at WSCUC, and volunteers like the visiting team, and many of us on campus who have been on WSCUC teams or committees) have no final decision-making authority.  They visit schools, read reports, write reports, apply the standards (using common rubrics) to the institutions under review, and then wait for the Commission to act. The WSCUC “Commission” is the official body that makes the final decisions.  Our former President, Dr. D. Merrill Ewert was a WSCUC Commissioner. You can find a list of the commissioners, what they represent and how they are elected on the WSCUC website.  

Take a look at the above links and you will get a window into how WSCUC works, and will be able to celebrate once more the successful conclusion of the second part of our accreditation process.  The third part, our Educational Effectiveness study and report (EER) is now underway.  More about next steps in coming weeks…

Thanks again to the entire campus and members of the Board of Trustees who participated in the work of the last two years, conducting our self-study, writing the report, meeting with the visiting team, and participating actively in the “continuous improvement” of FPU which is the goal of accreditation.

Steve Varvis (ALO–Accreditation Liaison Officer)