WSCUC Highlights and Planning–May 2013

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We are now finishing a long and productive year of WSCUC work.  Here are some notes as we push forward into the new year of our work together. 

  • We should congratulate ourselves one more time on the very positive CPR Review! Note the commendations on:
    • Addressing Core Competencies—Critical Thinking, Writing, Meaning and Rigor
    • Meeting the needs of the Central Valley’s population.
    • Assessment—culture of assessment, university-wide system, and including co-curricular—central to the next step, EER
    • Being more Data Driven
    • Innovative Work at Regional Centers
    • Widespread Involvement


  • Recommendations to remember:
    • Complete  and implement Strategic Plan
    • Clarity and definition of annual budgeting process
    • Greater transparency at all levels
    • Clarify lines of responsibility and reporting
    • Strategic prioritization


  • The work continues—see timeline–immediate efforts
    • Correlate recommendations with Strategic Plan
    • Prioritize recommendations and begin to address (began with CIC in April)
    • Confirm Inquiry Circles (now for next year)


  • From CPR to EER:  Educational Effectiveness”—systematically demonstrating achievement of student outcomes, and consistently adapting for greater effectiveness
    • What data do we have?
    • What does it tell us?
    • How do we respond for greater effectiveness?
    • Use our training–make it a research project…


  • A new way of working: what we are establishing and have established is the new way of working of all institutions of higher education—ongoing, institutionalized, sustainable, defined by our mission and identity:
    • Centrality of identified learning outcomes (institutional and programmatic)
    • Data for analysis of outcomes (university wide and program unique)
    • Adaptation for greater effectiveness (teaching and learning)
    • Resources (capacity) directed to the achievement of outcomes (effectiveness)


  • Expect a changing environment nationally and regionally. Be ready… 

Thanks to the entire FPU Community!

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