One Month to WSCUC Visit

We are less than one month away from the arrival of the WSCUC Visiting Team for our “Capacity “review.  Our report was delivered in December; the visiting team has been reviewing it and raising questions that they will ask us when we meet. 

Here are some particulars:  Visit Date: March 19-22. 

March 19–visit one or more Regional Center, probably Visalia.

March 20-22–on the main campus. 

 Who are they? The team members are experienced educators and WSCUC volunteers all from schools in California. All WSCUC evaluators are “volunteers.” It is part of their assignment at their home institutions. They will each spend about a week and a half or more working on our behalf (at least that is my experience on visiting teams—it takes a good 60 hours). You will see posters around the campuses with their pictures.

What will they do? They will meet with selected individuals and groups throughout the time: the President, Provost, Board members, faculty and administrators who served on our “Inquiry Circles” and wrote sections of our report, the Faculty Senate Executive, student life and co-curricular representatives, and a number of others. 

There will be open sessions for faculty, staff and students. All are welcome. Please plan to attend. We are just finalizing the schedule. Announcements will be out shortly to all individuals and groups—keep your schedules open! Regional Center staff, faculty and administrators can attend in person or by VCon.

From all of this, the team will write a report back to us and to the WSCUC accrediting Commission with “commendations” and “recommendations.” More on further steps later.

What are we doing in the meantime?

  • First we are making preparations—schedules, appointments, rooms, meals, snacks. (It’s complicated.)
  • Second we are reviewing the report with all groups—faculty, staff, President’s Cabinet, administrative groups, Board of Trustees.
  • We are also preparing a “Poster Session” and reception for Wed. March 20, 5:00-6:00 (currently) at which various groups from the university will be able to present what we do here are FPU that we did not get to address very much in the report—CPACS, the Center for Community Transformation, our undergraduate research day, some of our talented musicians, athletics, student ministries, OSF, International students and programs—many will receive invitations shortly, but if you would like to prepare a poster, contact Linda Pryce-Sheehan or myself.
  • Getting the campus ready. We want to look our best—“inauguration ready!” 

What can you do to prepare?

  • First, read the report. You can find it and an executive summary at
  • Second, attend one of the preparation meetings (Staff Caucus, Faculty Senate, Student Senate, etc.)
  • Prepare a poster on your particular contribution to the success of FPU.
  • Help get the campus ready.  Start with your department or office.
  • Send any ideas you might have to Linda or myself.
  • Be ready to welcome our guests.

Thank you for all of the work thus far, and for the preparation of the next few weeks. People often tell me that when they come of our campus and enter our Christian community they notice that people greet them, smile, and offer assistance. Most importantly, we can prepare to be the FPU community that we are.