Accreditation: The Legend and the Future

Overheard in McDonald Hall foyer and echoing across the campus: “Thank goodness, we’re done with accreditation for a while!” There’s something about that exclamation that makes me want to take a deep breath, relax, and schedule an extended vacation. On the other hand, it triggers just a little chill down my spine. Accreditation illuminates a […]

Visiting Team Report–Educational Effectiveness

The visiting team for our Educational Effectiveness Report has just left after sharing its commendations and recommendations. These will be sent to the WASC Commission with a longer report and other confidential recommendations that we never see. The WASC Commission will notify the university of the final reaccreditation status in July. What we can say […]

Our Culture of Evidence Story

An update by Dr. Cindy Carter, Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Degree Completion,  On December 17, 2014, at 1:00 p.m., a small but happy FPU team pushed the ‘send’ button, propelling your Educational Effectiveness Report (EER) across the electronic ethers to WASC’s cloud.  The visiting team now has access to FPU’s compelling ‘culture of evidence’ story:  […]

Educational Effectiveness

What have we been up to the last couple of years, along with our regular cycle of classes, scholarship, performances and business? We have been involved in one of the most important exercises an institution like ours engages in—reaccreditation. Let me outline what we do, and why we do it. You will see why we […]

The Work of the CIC

This post contributed by Dr. Cindy Carter, Dean of Degree Completion and Accreditation CIC Community Meetings What is CIC? Mission/Purpose of the Continuous Improvement Committee – To thoughtfully and creatively: Guide the accreditation study and process of Fresno Pacific University; Communicate and encourage its purpose, progress and goals with the various constituencies of the university; […]

WSCUC Core Commitments

I was in Oakland last week for a special WSCUC workshop on “The Changing Ecology” of Higher Education.  There were about 30 of us there, including panelists from service providers, venture capital firms, and non-profit educational systems. It has all become very complex. We need legal instruction on the form of corporations to do our […]

FPU’s Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of Degrees (MQID)

This post written by Dr. Cindy Carter, Dean for Degree Completion and Accreditation. This week the Continuous Improvement Committee, with community-wide representation, gathered again to address more questions about FPU’s accreditation themes:  1) Student Achievement and Assessment, 2) Diversity, 3) Resources, 4) Writing, 5) Critical Thinking, and 6) Academic Rigor. In addition to reviewing the related committees, […]

Continuous Improvement Continues

Here we are in a new year, and there seems to be no other way to say it other than the spirit of our accreditation work continues to generate improvement for FPU as a learning institution.  I am sure there is another way to say it, but we will leave it at that.  Let me […]

WSCUC Commission Action Letter and Visiting Team Report

We have received the official WSCUC response to our Capacity self-study and report. Another step in our accreditation study and project has been completed. In March the Visiting Team spent two plus days on the FPU main campus, and one day at the Visalia Regional Center.  They produced their report and delivered to us (to […]