FPU in Italy

Professors Marshall and Pam Johnston led a group of thirteen FPU students and one parent on a study tour of Italy from May 21-June 4. Starting out with a week in Rome, we visited ancient Roman sites such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, and traced the beginnings of Christianity with the Catacombs, the […]

Learning from Lincoln

February 12, 2009, will mark 200 years since the birth the man scholars and the American public generally agree is our greatest president. Abraham Lincoln, born into frontier poverty in 1809, progressed through an amazing series of struggles and achievements to become the 16th president of the United States at a time when the very […]

I thought about it

Jimmy Carter confessed to an interviewer that he had committed adultery in his heart. Fortunately for President Carter that is not a crime. But be careful what you think in this post 9/11 world. Sometimes the difference between thinking and doing is less than you expect. December 22, 2008, five Muslim men were convicted of […]

Awareness, work and faith are the answer to Congo’s pain

I am Doug Kulungu, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I am a junior majoring in business at Fresno Pacific University and preparing myself to serve my country. Congo has been at war for about 10 years now and has lost around 5 million of its population. Children are regarded as good targets for rebels […]

Raise gasoline taxes—really!

Want to make someone hate you really quickly? Tell them you wish gas prices would go back up, and you think we should ask our legislators for a $1.00/gallon consumption tax on gasoline. That should lose you a few friends. Yet this seemingly illogical proposal might make a lot of sense right now, as America […]

In praise of the Fresno public high schools

Many of us think of students from large public inner-city high schools as, well, somewhat deprived. How can they, we reason, get the same level of education, challenge and individual attention as those at, say, smaller and/or private institutions? I will admit to some of these biases, even though I come from a large, public […]

Defending science from science’s defenders

It was fascinating, yet extremely distressing, to come across a large spread in the New York Times the other day placed by an organization apparently called “Defend Science” located in Berkeley, California. Please don’t get me wrong: science does need defending. The rules of science, though sometimes offensive to those with certain agendas, have served […]

Building connections with kids

As we welcome children into the world, we immediately begin to create and build meaningful connections with them. These initial connections are based largely on their total dependence upon us. As we reflect upon their infancy and early childhood, the connections that bring a smile to our face are innumerable. However, as children change and […]

Love and power

People have a love-hate relationship with power. They love to have it, but hate to have it exercised over them. Teaching conflict resolution and leadership skills includes teaching people how to use power and how to work in the presence of power. This is particularly important when working cross-culturally, the norm in California and many […]