For some, divorce is not an evil-it’s a lifeboat

While domestic violence occurs in all socio-economic, ethnic and religious communities, there is something particularly heinous about its occurrence in Christian communities that claim a high view of the Bible. One reason for this is the misuse of the Bible as an instrument for promoting rather than preventing the abuse. One of the tools the […]

Serious about the Bible? Then End Domestic Violence!

We cannot claim to be serious about family values and the sanctity of marriage and allow domestic violence to exist unchallenged in our congregations. To do so tells the world that we are liars and gives false testimony as to the legitimacy of Christ’s claims. Scripture calls these kinds of actions “hypocrisy.”

Defending whose Judeo-Christian values?

Claims to “Judeo-Christian” values in contemporary U.S. society are ubiquitous. Numerous institutions claim these principles as “foundational.” Various pastors, rabbis, politicians and pundits claim these values reflect America’s foundation as a “Judeo-Christian” nation. However, I fear “Judeo-Christian” values have been co-opted by a cultural understanding that demean them rather than protect them. Should our society […]