Rx for the Future of Valley Pharmacy

This article was originally published in Pacific Magazine in May of 2015. Find the rest of the magazine here. California Health Sciences University and Fresno Pacific University are working together to bring the future of pharmacy to the Central Valley. To those who remember, the past is a kindly business owner at the soda fountain as the […]


Forest Benedict is a local therapist who specializes in sexual addiction treatment and teaches at Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. In his compelling and timely article, Forest calls the Fresno community to stand against the new Hustler store that may come to Fresno later this year. He shares valuable information about the harms of pornography and […]

Columbia/Summer2015- Jose Chavez

Landing in the Latin Land of Colombia by: Jose Chavez Our time in Bogota, Colombia has been phenomenal. We arrived close to midnight on Wednesday May 13th, almost 24 hours after leaving Fresno. After our layovers in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Mexico City, the entire team was exhausted and ready to arrive. All the extensive logistical […]

Practical solutions to poverty from unexpected sources

By Randy White, D.Min, I’ve had an article taped to my desk for almost a year. Mark Arax’s “Delusions of the Valley: The Poverty we Pretend Not to See” has unsettled me over and over, powerfully, uncomfortably unmasking the realities we are so tired of acknowledging—the stubbornness of our poverty and crime, the lack of […]

Freedom of speech and duck calls

“I can say whatever I want, it’s a free country!” This sentence gets bandied about with some regularity. Based on what my students write in criminal law classes, most people also think it is a true statement. Now that Phil Robertson has so splendidly demonstrated that we can’t say whatever we want without repercussions, it […]

Washington is working better than you think

Americans are disgusted with Washington. Polls show record or near-record low approval of Congress (10 percent), Republicans (28 percent), Democrats (43 percent), Obama (44 percent), Obamacare (38 percent) and the direction of the country (18 percent). The irony is that Washington is finally getting its house in order. The latest showdown, though not itself very […]

Hadrian’s Wall and Scotland Travel Blog

My wife Pam and I were lucky enough to get to spend a few weeks in northern England and Scotland with my sister Gage and our nephews Gabriel and Christian this summer. Both Pam and I are classicists, so the travel had a heavy Roman focus, and this was also our first chance to explore […]

For some, divorce is not an evil-it’s a lifeboat

While domestic violence occurs in all socio-economic, ethnic and religious communities, there is something particularly heinous about its occurrence in Christian communities that claim a high view of the Bible. One reason for this is the misuse of the Bible as an instrument for promoting rather than preventing the abuse. One of the tools the […]

Serious about the Bible? Then End Domestic Violence!

We cannot claim to be serious about family values and the sanctity of marriage and allow domestic violence to exist unchallenged in our congregations. To do so tells the world that we are liars and gives false testimony as to the legitimacy of Christ’s claims. Scripture calls these kinds of actions “hypocrisy.”