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Parents’ Perspective

Parents experience a variety of thoughts and emotions as their students begin their college careers. We shared a video in which parents share their stories and perspectives at Parent Orientation last month. In cased you missed it, take a minute to hear from your fellow Fresno Pacific University parents.  

Preparing Your Family for Summer

Whether your student lives on campus or at home with you, it is time to start talking about summer. You might expect this summer to be the same as previous summers but your student (and even you) have experienced enough life-change to warrant a conversation. Although most students look forward to a time without reading, […]

MCC Sale

Family Night Out for a Good Cause

Parents of college students know it can be difficult to find the perfect outing for the whole family. However, Fresno Pacific University is hosting just the thing! Each April, FPU hosts the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) relief sale. This event is the perfect destination for families looking for a budget-conscious outing which supports a great cause. […]

Helping Your Student Adjust to College

Often times, moving on-campus (or commuting to college) begins a time in which students spend a lot of time away from home. It only makes sense that parents want to soak up every available minute with their students. However, asking your college student to spend a lot of time at home, especially during the first six to eight weeks […]

Student Leadership Opportunities

Some of the most common challenges for college students are making quality friends, getting involved on campus, and finding ways to help finance their education. If any of these challenges resonate with you or your college student, we may have just the thing! Each year, January begins the student leadership application process. Over the next […]

Academic Support Center

Congratulations! You and your student have officially made it half way through the first semester! However, as tempting as it may be, this is not the time for students to let their foot off the gas pedal and coast until finals! Whether your student is a freshman learning to adjust to rigorous college academics, a […]


A Thankful Student: Molly Fink

Dear Mom and Dad, As a commuter, a line that I constantly hear from residents is, “don’t you wish you lived on campus! It’s so much fun!” This used to make me feel like I was missing out on so much, but because of you both, I don’t feel that way anymore. Mom and Dad, […]

Creating Healthy Expectations

As you know, your student’s journey through college impacts the whole family. Therefore it is important for you and your student that good expectations are created and communicated early on. Here are two tips for creating healthy expectations. 1. Have your student set his or her own expectations While it is helpful for you to […]