Day Twelve – Hebron and Christian Peacemaker Teams

The most pressing problem in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is the challenge presented by the settlements in the West Bank.  We will travel to a settlement tomorrow and will have more details there on the Settlement movement.  Briefly, Settlements are intentional Israeli communities, established in the West Bank, that are either legitimate endeavors based on the rightful […]

Day Eleven – An Arab-Israeli advocate

  We have met with civil rights advocates for the two major racial/ethnic groups in Israel/Palestine:  Palestinian refugees and Jewish-Israelis.  Today, we met with Amjad Iraqi, a attorney who works with the Adalah, a civil rights organization located in coastal city of Haifa. Adalah Adalah (“Justice” in Arabic) is an independent human rights organization and legal […]

Day Ten, Part I – Breaking the Silence

[NOTE:  There will be two posts today, given the distinctly different focus of the events our group experienced.  This first will deal with a presentation from an individual  that was critical of the Israel army’s involvement in policing the Occupied territory – albeit from an individual generally supportive of Israel (and former IDF member).  The second will […]

Day Nine – A Refugee Camp

There were no tents, no mess hall, no flag pole – there was nothing “campy” about the Dheisheh refuge camp just south of Bethlehem.  I don’t know if i was expecting any of these typical camp amenities, but I wasn’t prepared for what i did find.  This camp did not have any tents – having moved […]

In Praise of Adjuncts

Having served my share of adjunct and one-year appointments, I finally landed my first full-time tenure-track position. I had arrived! Okay, what I had “arrived at” was the opportunity to serve as the sole faculty member assigned to teach all of the history, political science and geography courses at my small institution. As a result, […]

Day Seven – Interfaith Encounter

Today we met with Dr. Yehuda Stolov, who is the Executive Director of the  Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) and has been active in the interfaith field for over 16 years.  He brings a deep dedication to the fulfillment of the vision established over forty years ago. Here’s his TED talk on the topic. We met with Dr. Stolov in […]

Day Five – A Reason for Being

Today, we visited a Jewish museum and had a session with a Palestinian philosopher – two seemingly different kinds of events with one similar theme:  both provided an insight into reasons why Jewish and Palestinian peoples are committed to their national identities and expression of those identities in their culture and state.  These experiences continue to help […]