Luther’s Table Talk and Quotes, and Bach too

Wittenberg, Erfurt, Eisenach, and Worms, these are the Luther towns we have visited. Erfurt was the town of the university he attended. He lived in Eisenach to attend the Latin school, and sang as a choir boy to earn money. At Worms he was examined before the emperor, Charles V, in 1521 and said the […]

Berlin and Wittenberg–Overwhelming!

The last two days for our tour have been overwhelming. As I write this, we are taking a brief break before dinner in our hotel in Halle, a Renaissance city which we will see this evening, the city of the composer Handel. Yesterday we spent in Berlin, a city still rebuilding after the fall of […]

A Culture of Generosity

Mark Isaac, vice president for advancement and university relations Fresno Pacific University has benefited from the generosity of individuals, churches and companies for decades, but just recently has the university focused on developing a culture of generosity. What is a culture of generosity? It is the common perspective or attitude an organization has about charitable […]

500th Anniverary Reformation Tour 2017–Our Beginning

We have finished day three of the FPU “500th Anniversary Reformation Tour.” There are sixteen of us from Fresno, Clovis, Hanford, Reno, Pensacola, and New Hampshire—a great group to travel with—some experienced, some for the first time traveling. We are enjoying learning, sitting in street side cafes, and exploring the cities. Everyone we have met […]

Circling the Wagons: Helping Parents Protect Kids in Cyberspace

  How do parents protect their children in a networked world? How can parents encourage their children to make good decisions online? How can we live a balanced life while using technology? As I step into the role of Program Director for the Educational Technology Master’s Degree Program at FPU, I wrestle with these questions […]

Fresno Pacific University is a Christian University

In a world where the integrity of language is constantly disintegrating, the meaning and connotation of any given word or phrase can change dramatically, often in a very short time. This reality makes finding the right words to explain who you are as an individual or as an organization an ongoing challenge. The enormous power […]

A New Season Brings the Promise of Possibilities

Guest column by Donald Griffith, chair, Fresno Pacific University Board of Trustees Life seems to have seasons and cycles with one season naturally leading to the next, often bringing with it something new and different—and occasionally something completely unexpected. While these transitions may leave one wistfully remembering the past with fondness, they also bring the […]

Day Fifteen – A Meeting with the PLO

I must admit, walking up the the offices of the national headquarters of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in Ramallah was a bit surreal.  For many years, the PLO was, to the West, synonymous with terror all that is was wrong in the Middle East. In recent years, the Organization has changed, according to their own pronouncements, […]