Central Valley Public-School Library Collaboration

On Thursday, April 26th, librarians from the Central Valley School Library Consortium* and the San Joaquin Valley Library System met at FPU to collaborate on ways to develop stronger school/public library partnerships to benefit the valley’s K-12 students.   Topics of discussion included: 1. Current collaboration/outreach efforts Cross-promotion of the public library’s Big Read program & Summer Reading […]

Kingdom-Diversity @ Fresno Pacific University

Abstract Fresno Pacific University is a regional, multicultural university with a kingdom vision of diversity, global evangelism, service and family discipleship. We are located in the Central Valley, where our population is currently nestled at around half a million people, and rising. We are faced with economic troubles, social and civic obstacles, and a populace […]


Serving in a complex world

Ryan Stillwater 2009 BA in Christian Ministries Director of Development at Visalia Rescue Mission Andrew Feil 2006 BA in Social Science Secondary Teaching Associate Director of Every Neighborhood Partnership Andrew Feil and Ryan Stillwater both learned to appreciate—and embrace—the complexity of the world while attending Fresno Pacific University. Both men now use that awareness in […]

Learning—and Living—in Community

Jesus said, “For with mortals it is impossible, but with God all things are POSSIBLE!” (Matt. 19:26) Since arriving at Fresno Pacific, I have become more convinced that reflective Christian faith must unify our intellectual and communal life as a university. Most Christians on Christian campuses are familiar with the phrase “integration of faith and […]

Envisioning the Future: Academic Excellence

“Teach the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning (Proverbs 9:9).” “The wise will hear and increase in learning; and a person of understanding will acquire wise counsel (Proverbs 1:5).” Over the past few weeks we have conducted several forums entitled: “Envisioning the Future.” We […]

It Takes a Village to Make a Brand

A Great Brand Meeting a new institution is like meeting a new person—you want to get to know who, or what, they are and what they stand for before you clutch either to your chest as your best friend. You want to understand values, mission, vision and purpose. That’s the big idea behind branding. It […]