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Fight for Equal Pay

Aileen Rizo 2013 MA in Mathematics Education – Secondary Emphasis Research Associate at The AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, FPU Adjunct Professor Math educator Aileen Rizo has attracted national attention outside the classroom as an advocate for women’s economic security. Aileen worked as a math consultant for the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools […]

Planted by the Water, Reaching Toward the Sun

Some time ago I was traveling through the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and had a bit of time to spare. Like many airports, this one has a chapel and I stopped in for a few moments. My attention was caught by an exhibit of weavings done by a nun, Sr. Jeanne Bartholomeaux. The display […]

Political Wisdom–Aristotle and Politics Today

I am very hesitant to say anything about the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the supreme court, especially regarding the allegations against him or anything, for that matter, that is going on in Washington right now. I have seen it reported that very few people expected anyone to change their minds because of […]

Beauty and Travel

San Damiano Cross, Basilica of St. Clare, Assisi Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist and philosopher, is amazingly popular these days.  I first heard about his YouTube videos, and then from friends reading his books. One friend recently sent me this link to one of his videos about travel, European art, and beauty. (Jordan Peterson on […]

Envisioning the Future Part II 2018-19

You have heard the adage by Benjamin Franklin: “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Functional plans keep us on target; they guide us to an outcome and provide a roadmap to what we hope to accomplish. Proverbs 3:5,6 encourages us to: “commit our plans to the Lord and he will direct our pathway.” […]

Service is Our Middle Name

When I came to what was then Fresno Pacific College as a student back in the late 1980s, registration was held out in the Special Events Center (SEC), where miles of cables had to be run and computer terminals had to be moved from individual offices across campus out to the SEC in order to […]


The statement that all men are created equal is not true, at least not in a literal sense. Even if we give the framers of The Declaration of Independence a pass on their masculine assumptions, the hope that each baby has an equal start on life is still not true. I am writing this reflection […]

Ready to Serve

The goal of the Campus Safety Office is to ensure a safe and secure environment for students, staff, faculty and members of the community while at Fresno Pacific University. This is our mission statement, and we work hard every day to ensure that statement is a reality on our main and regional campuses. For results, […]