Serving the Veteran Community

Servant-leadership is at the core of Fresno Pacific University. Part of the reason veterans belong here is that they understand this concept. One of my favorite quotes, from President Kennedy, defines one form of servant-leadership: “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your […]

The Technology Fast

Have you ever thought about fasting from technology?  This last semester I had the privilege of teaching THEO 720, Theology, Technology and Spirituality, for the FPU Biblical Seminary Ministry, Leadership and Culture Masters Program.  I thoroughly enjoyed teaching these young ministry leaders and hearing their insights on technology and the connection to our theology and spirituality. One of the assignments for the course […]

Central Valley Public-School Library Collaboration

On Thursday, April 26th, librarians from the Central Valley School Library Consortium* and the San Joaquin Valley Library System met at FPU to collaborate on ways to develop stronger school/public library partnerships to benefit the valley’s K-12 students.   Topics of discussion included: 1. Current collaboration/outreach efforts Cross-promotion of the public library’s Big Read program & Summer Reading […]

Kingdom-Diversity @ Fresno Pacific University

Abstract Fresno Pacific University is a regional, multicultural university with a kingdom vision of diversity, global evangelism, service and family discipleship. We are located in the Central Valley, where our population is currently nestled at around half a million people, and rising. We are faced with economic troubles, social and civic obstacles, and a populace […]