An Open Letter to Carly Fiorina, Senate Candidate

Dear Ms. Fiorina, Thank you for speaking at the Sunbird Conservatives Conference last Saturday, April 17, at Fresno Pacific University.  We appreciate the time you took to join us. You and the other two senatorial candidates offered all of us a chance to get an early look at the positions you each endorse and your […]

Universities and the Liberal Arts Too

A second installment of thoughts about the present state of the liberal arts in our educational setting.  The Chronicle of Higher Educationreleased a series of articles called “The New Liberal Arts” on March 5.  Now seems an appropriate time to discuss this issue further.  Let me summarize what I wrote a week ago. Here it […]

Universities and the Liberal Arts

It used to be that a university like Fresno Pacific might describe itself as a “liberal arts” college.  This seemed to be understood and respected.  And it still is in some places and among some people.  There are many good liberal arts schools around, and they produce very fine graduates, who are proportionally more influential […]

What does it take to run a university?

I am sitting in a meeting of the Board of Trustees of FPU as I write this brief blog.  I am here as a resource to the board, and they are not discussing anything that they would need my assistance on.  I listen so that I understand how the board understands and wants to pursue the future […]

MB Biblical Seminary Joins Fresno Pacific University

Today the announcement was made, in the words of the press release, that the Mennonite Brethren Biblical Seminary will transfer its programs to FPU, and that seminary faculty will become FPU faculty, etc. over the next few months.  Some of us have known this was probably going to happen for a couple of weeks, but not […]

Going to College–Dance of Joy

Ok this one is just for fun.  My wife, who teaches kindergarten in Clovis, celebrates with her students each week when all of them turn in their homework by doing the “dance of joy.”  For kindergartners it is a big thing.  Because this was the eighth time they had all done this, I was the […]

To iPad or not to iPad: That is the question.

On Wednesday, Apple came out with another device that got the world’s attention. Some of us watched the online commercials, keynote, and buzz around the web, trying to decide if this was the latest technology that you can’t live without. In the past few days, it has been interesting to read peoples responses online. It […]

Rotaract Club

Our semester has started once again.  I took a break from the blog, celebrated the birth of Christ, traveled a bit (maybe more on this later) and helped get the semester started.  Enrollment is good (definitely more on this later), and students and faculty are working away in classes, reading, writing, performing, interning, and all […]

The Seven Wonders of the World Wide Web

Happy New Year to all! On January 4th, I had the opportunity to share with elementary and middle school educators at Forest Lake Christian School which is located just north of Auburn, CA.   I focused my presentation on websites that have resources to engage students in the classroom.   In fact, I started off with a […]