To iPad or not to iPad: The question is answered!

About two years ago, I wrote a blog post regarding the iPad.  You can find it at Well, it has been two years and I believe the question has been answered and it is a resounding YES!  iPad use is exploding in K-16 education throughout the nation.   The iPad has become not only a […]

Traditions and Education

David Brooks of the New York Times is at it again. Whether or not you like his politics, he has insight into education that makes it worth commenting. In a Feb. 2 opinion piece entitled “How to Fight the Man,” he picks up story of a video clip that went viral. The maker of the […]

Provost’s Convocation—Callings

Last week we celebrated the opening of the Spring semester with a “Provost’s Convocation.” The theme for the day was “Finding our Calling: Stories from our College Years.” I asked a colleague from the faculty and one from our staff to join me in sharing our stories. And we encouraged students to ask their professors […]

Student Loans and Success

We’ve seen over the years an increasing reliance on student loans for education. Like it or not, and most of us don’t, this is the method that the federal government has chosen to emphasize and make available at subsidized rates. This in turn has shaped the costs and patterns of “financing” education. There are good […]

Essay Collections—Continuing our Education

Last Sunday, October 30, was Reformation Sunday. Each year on the Sunday closest to October 31st many Protestant churches remember the Reformation, and reflect in sermons or Sunday School on the great themes of the Reformation: Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Scripture Alone, and the Priesthood of All Believers. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed […]

Investing in Higher Education–Loans

Last Wednesday (October 26, 2011) best selling business author Daniel Pink visited Fresno Pacific for our annual Business Forum. About 1000 business, education, and community leaders turned out at 7:30 AM to hear him speak on the topic of his most recent book, Drive. At noon he spoke to the business faculty and students, along […]

Board Meetings

A couple of years ago I wrote in this blog from a meeting of the FPU Board of Trustees. They are at it again, here at our fall Board meeting. The administration is here as a resource for the board which is charged with guiding the university and has the responsibility to be the steward […]

Worship and Education

“College Hour” is FPU’s equivalent of Chapel. This year we have many more students in attendance—it has jumped from 200-300 to 500 plus. Our Spiritual Formation and Student Life teams have joined together to move worship to the Special Events Center, to bring new energy to the effort, and more speakers with different voices. The […]

The Value of a University Education

Its fall again, which for those who are seniors in high school, their parents, and those of us who work with them it is time to renew the search for college in earnest. I say renew because serious students often begin their search in the freshman or sophomore year (junior at the latest) and simply […]

How Get Into Graduate School

The following announcement makes my heart sing! Two of our honor societies team up each year to host a seminar to prepare students for entering graduate studies. Some students just need to be inspired to think about further scholarship at a higher level. Some, perhaps all, could use a little guidance on how to prepare […]