Continuing the Conversation

Last week, I attended and presented at the California Computer Using Educators (CUE) conference in Palm Springs, CA. It was a positive, highly engaging experience for more than 3000 K-14 educators. There were more than 100 sessions on integrating technology into the classroom. Every tech tool imaginable was demonstrated on the product floor and each […]

The Story on FPU and Independent Higher Education

You might be interested in what we do to make FPU affordable and to encourage student success—graduation in four years. This is the good news about FPU. Thanks to University Editor, Wayne Steffen, who always helps to make me sound intelligent. Jim Moore, news director KMPH-TV, Channel 26 Dear Jim, The segment “CSU may cut […]

Book Reviewing and Teaching

How does one (do I) keep myself fresh and sharp for the courses he or she (I) teaches? Anyone who has been a college or university student may be able to verify that textbooks are deathly dull. And I think this is more so for the professor than the student. I try to select the […]

Academic Rhythm

Thanksgiving is now past. We are in the fifteenth week of a sixteen week semester. This is the last week of classes, and final exams are given next week. Our winter commencement ceremony happens on the Saturday following finals (less than two weeks away). Many if not most of the term or research papers have […]

TOMS shoes taught us something about business

Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, spent the day with us at Fresno Pacific a couple of weeks ago at our annual Business Forum. He told his story—how he founded TOMS (which stands for “tomorrow’s”), how children without shoes and thus without education moved him to adopt TOMS’s unique mission, and how the public has […]

New College Ratings—“First Things”

First Things, a journal of “religion and public life,” has periodically over its 20 years in press published insightful essays on both religious universities and the place of religion in secular institutions, both independent and state funded. It is one of those journals that anyone interested in the intersection of religion, theology, culture, and politics […]

Ethics Experiment

Teaching ethics is a tricky business. At least in my experience, the first problem is our generally inadequate notion of what ethics is about. When we hear about morals or ethics in common speech—or in one of the forms of media—it is most often assumed to be about decision-making in difficult situations. How do we […]

For some, divorce is not an evil-it’s a lifeboat

While domestic violence occurs in all socio-economic, ethnic and religious communities, there is something particularly heinous about its occurrence in Christian communities that claim a high view of the Bible. One reason for this is the misuse of the Bible as an instrument for promoting rather than preventing the abuse. One of the tools the […]

Christian Higher Education Month

October is Christian Higher Education Month (CHEM) as designated by a House of Representatives resolution in 2003. The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) is one of the organizations across the country that helps to keep Christian higher education. FPU, along with about 110 other institutions and several dozen affiliates world-wide, has been a […]

The State of the Education Nation

This week, I have been watching online the NBC coverage of the “Education Nation” summit.  It has been interesting to hear as various voices throughout the nation grapple with educational issues.   Just like everybody else, I have some opinions when it comes to the state of our education in the United States.   For me, I […]