FPU 9/11 Memorial

Today, September 9, 2011, two of our campus clubs, the Sunbird Conservatives and FPU Veteran’s Society, conducted a memorial service for 9/11. The president of each club, Alan Hagen and Ray Manglesdorf, each spoke thoughtfully and eloquently–this was not a time for debate, not a time for politics, they said, but a memorial time, to […]

Multi-tasking, Connectedness and Emerging Adults

Our opening faculty workday was so thought-provoking that I have to add a brief note for students, parents of students and faculty, or maybe just for myself. Two of our deans, both experts in the development of students, Randy Worden, Dean of Student Life, and Kevin Reimer, Dean of the School of Humanities, Religion and […]

A New Year Begins

There is a lot to do to get an academic year going. Our regular/traditional semester begins next week, Aug. 29, for undergrads, graduate students and the seminary. But most of our fall Degree Completion cohorts started at the beginning of August, and Degree Completion students working on the general education and other requirements can start […]

Education, Religion and Crime

The most recent (Aug/Sept 2011) edition of First Things (which I heartily recommend) had a couple of articles that shed light on the practical benefits of education within a religious institution, and on higher education today, two subjects I spend much of my time thinking about. You might expect this from a journal the central […]

John Stott, 1921-2011

You may have heard that John Stott passed away this week. There is an extensive obituary and appreciation of his long career as pastor, teacher, writer and Christian activist in Christianity Today. Stott is best known in this part of the world, I think, for his book Basic Christianity. I remember reading this in my […]

Business Education and the Liberal Arts

Just this month in the courier-journal, Daniel Sullivan, President Emeritus of St. Lawrence University, summarized some recent thinking and research on business education and what is most needed. He noted that the skills business people need are gained in the traditional liberal arts, and not in specialized business programs. These kinds of skills are, as […]

Are the Classics Enough?

I am throwing down the gauntlet. That’s a medieval custom—the knight throws down his armored glove in a challenge; his adversary picks it up accepting the challenge. My colleagues, Drs. Pam and Marshall Johnston (who both recently received the Nickel Excellence in Teaching Award at FPU—well deserved!) have been so successful in building our history […]


I’ve been serving as “Interim” Provost for the last six months, and have at least a year to go in my term. As with any interim position, my special role is to get things ready for a long-term Provost—resolve outstanding problems, make sure some needed basic policies and practices are in place, and keep some […]

Master’s Degrees and Student Learning Outcomes

Fresno Pacific University is a master’s level comprehensive university, with a total enrollment this spring of just over 3500 students, about 1000 of these being master’s level students. The majority of our master’s level degrees are in education, but we also offer programs in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, and theology and divinity in our […]

Accreditation and Student Learning

“WASC” stands for the Western Association of Schools and College. I am at the annual WASC “Academic Resource Conference” in San Francisco. There are about 950 here, from over two hundred institutions in California, Hawaii, and across the Pacific. The US is unique in having peer institutions review and accredit the quality of education in […]