What are YOU Thankful for?

Well this last week was a very emotional week in a lot of different ways. In a period of four days I attended two celebration of life services, a wedding, preached a sermon twice, and helped at a lock-in. It was a busy weekend for sure but it was a good one too. I cried, [...]

Dear Laura,

Let me start by saying this blog post is different than any other blog post I’ve written. Mostly because this one is really personal to me and it is my way of expressing my emotions of what has happened in my life the last week that kind of turned my world upside down. It’s not [...]

Welcome Fall!

So as most of you all know today it rained. And I was excited. Not because I like being wet, but because I could FINALLY wear my rain boots. I was excited because I knew I had a short day and could be home enjoying hearing the sound of rain while drinking tea or something. [...]


There’s one word that can describe my life right now. That word is CHAOS. Everything in my life seems to be all over the place. My room looks like a tornado has gone through it and left no survivors. Up until this morning my car looked like I was living out of it. I’ve left [...]


Midterm Break

Midterm week definitely got the best of me. It was the first time as far as I can remember that I had a midterm in each one of my classes, and it caught me totally off-guard. It’s supposed to be one of my easiest semesters yet due to only having 15 units to take, and [...]


One of the best things about going to a really small private is there is a lot of opportunity to get to know people. When I say get to know people, I’m not just talking about other students your same age, I’m also talking about the fact that you get to know your professors well. [...]

This Blog is Brought to You By…

This blog is brought to you by lack of procrastination. As I sit here writing this blog, I can safely and excitedly say, all the homework I can do for this upcoming week is done! And some of the things I have due next week are already in the works! People say that around senior [...]


Christmas and United

Two things happened this last week that I really want to share about. The first is the 100 Days ‘Til Christmas party. What’s not to love about that! There’s sweet treats and they’re Christmas themed, and we got to celebrate at work. It sounds like a win, win, win to me. For those of you [...]

A Tale of Two Weekends

I want to give you a little update on the last few weekends of my life since we are already starting the fourth week of school. Let me tell you, I used to think (and sometimes still do), that working hard all week and all weekend will eventually pay off. Sometimes this is true. Unfortunately [...]


Zorb Balls?

So, today’s blog is about something fun that happened on Friday while I was at school. All last week I kept getting emails about a barbeque that was happening on Friday during lunchtime and how there would be zorb balls to race in. I dismissed each of the emails, because being a commuter and all, [...]