The Last Two Weeks

A lot of good things have happened in the last two weeks. For one, I feel like I am kind of handling my homework. There’s still a lot I want to get done for the next few weeks, but I don’t feel as if I am really drowning anymore…it’s a great feeling to say the [...]

A Much Needed Monday Holiday

Well, it’s only been the first week of classes, which for me means three days of school. I have all the syllabus dates put into my planner and my checklist and it seems like I’m already swimming. I mean, I’m not already that behind, but there’s a lot of reading for me to do this [...]

My Last First Day…For Now

Well, today was my last first day of undergraduate schooling. It is kind of a weird feeling knowing that there’s only 116 days until graduation, but who’s counting? I’m excited to see what this semester brings, but I’m also nervous. I mean after all there’s a lot of papers to fill out for graduation, decisions [...]


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

So, I haven’t been the best at blogging over the break. I would say it’s because I’ve been extremely busy and I haven’t spent much time near my computer, but that would be entirely false. I have to admit that I have watched at least 3 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy over break, one of which [...]


Another Commencement

{Niki, the woman who hired me, and me on the day she received her Master’s Degree.} {ft. Random Kid} Another commencement means another semester closer to graduating. It’s weird to think that my final fall semester of my undergraduate career is finished. Final papers were turned in. Finals were taken. Final grades were posted. It’s [...]

Two Busy Weeks

Life has come at me fast and as a result I didn’t have time to post this last week. I wish I could say this post would be a long one to make up for it, but unfortunately, this week is as crazy as the last. Especially since this week is finals week. I shouldn’t [...]

What are YOU Thankful for?

Well this last week was a very emotional week in a lot of different ways. In a period of four days I attended two celebration of life services, a wedding, preached a sermon twice, and helped at a lock-in. It was a busy weekend for sure but it was a good one too. I cried, [...]

Dear Laura,

Let me start by saying this blog post is different than any other blog post I’ve written. Mostly because this one is really personal to me and it is my way of expressing my emotions of what has happened in my life the last week that kind of turned my world upside down. It’s not [...]

Welcome Fall!

So as most of you all know today it rained. And I was excited. Not because I like being wet, but because I could FINALLY wear my rain boots. I was excited because I knew I had a short day and could be home enjoying hearing the sound of rain while drinking tea or something. [...]


There’s one word that can describe my life right now. That word is CHAOS. Everything in my life seems to be all over the place. My room looks like a tornado has gone through it and left no survivors. Up until this morning my car looked like I was living out of it. I’ve left [...]