Student Engagement: A Key to Success

This blog entry was written by Matt Gehrett, Executive Director, Online and Continuing Education at FPU. Keeping students engaged in the classroom is a key factor for success in the 21st century classroom.   One way to do this is through Project Based Learning.  In my 20 + years of experience in education, I find that […]

Words of Advice for First Year Teachers: Tip #1

This blog entry was written by Dr. Mabel Franks, Professional Development Instructor for Continuing Education at FPU. Tip #1: Believe You Can Make a Difference and You Will August is here and teachers across the country are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new school year.  For first year teachers, it is an especially exciting […]

Eureka! I Found It! – A Common Core Lesson Plan Template

This blog entry was written by Janet Adams MA, Special Projects Coordinator for Continuing Education at FPU. “Back to School” sales are out and we have a few weeks of intensive teacher training, classroom preparation, and lesson plan development.  With help from the web, Twitter, Pinterest, and education site blogs, I searched deep and wide […]

The Golden Rule – Intertwined

This blog was written by Becky Allen, Center for Professional Development “Hi, I’m a teacher…” In the fall of 1993 I began a part time student job in the Professional Development office at FPU. It did not take long to anticipate the response of “Hi, I’m a teacher…” after giving a salutation of “Professional Development, […]

Taking Out the Trash

This blog entry was written by Janet Adams MA, Special Projects Coordinator for Continuing Education at FPU. Up in my attic I found boxes of paperback educational-type books that I had quickly stashed away when I changed jobs.  I decided it was time after their two-year storage in the dark to dust them off and […]

Five Steps to Successful Lessons

This blog entry was written by Jennifer Owens, Director of Independent Studies at FPU. A recent article by Mike Schmoker (The Lost Art of Teaching Soundly Structure Lessons, June 4, 2013 on Education Week Teacher web site ) reminded me that the need for effective strategies for teaching and learning has not really changed since […]

From Despair to Hope

In one of my current doctoral courses, Social and Political Perspectives on Education, we have been reading, The McDonaldization of Society by George Ritzer.  If you have not read it, I would recommend that you get a copy.  As I reflect on my reading of this book, my eyes have definitely been opened.  McDonaldization values […]

To iPad or not to iPad: The question is answered!

About two years ago, I wrote a blog post regarding the iPad.  You can find it at Well, it has been two years and I believe the question has been answered and it is a resounding YES!  iPad use is exploding in K-16 education throughout the nation.   The iPad has become not only a […]

Continuing the Conversation

Last week, I attended and presented at the California Computer Using Educators (CUE) conference in Palm Springs, CA. It was a positive, highly engaging experience for more than 3000 K-14 educators. There were more than 100 sessions on integrating technology into the classroom. Every tech tool imaginable was demonstrated on the product floor and each […]