Common Sense and the Common Core: Adding Integers

by Matt Gehrett on December 10, 2013

Adding Integers

Grade 7, Math

CCSS:  Math.7.NS.A.1c

Adding integers is tricky and students need support!  The concept of numbers having additive inverses on a side of the number line that for years didn’t exist in their schema, can be very hard for students to grasp when they first see this concept in late elementary school.  Enjoy a brief video of how a student is perplexed on learning a new math concept.  Secondly, this segment shares a dynamic video on how one teacher creates a lesson on “integers” but introduces unconventional learning experiences to help students remember and use these new skills in their lessons.

If you have a resource or lesson on integers, please share.


Presentation by Mr. Kajitani Class Slides

Khan Academy:  Adding Integers with Different Signs

Illuminations:  Resources for Teaching Math

1.  Using an Elevator to Evaluate Signed Number Expressions:  Elevator Arithmetic

2. Using an Elevator to Evaluate Signed Number Expressions:  Flipping for Integers

Twitter for Teachers:  Math Teachers for collaboration

AIMS Education Foundation:  Hands-On Math & Science

“Dealing with Integers”  Students will play card games to practice adding and subtracting integers and recognize that verse effects with numbers of opposite values.  Download  $2.00

“Integer Interstate”  Students will use the motion of a car on a number line to model addition and subtraction of integers, recognize the inverse nature of addition and subtraction with integers, and recognize that absolute value is a measure of distance, not direction. Download $3.00

“Integer Avenue”  Using a street as a number line, students understand that integers communicate both distance and direction. They also recognize that absolute value is a measure of distance only.      Download $3.00

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