Worship Transforms Us

I well remember a certain worship service that I attended in Jerusalem several years ago now. People from all over the world joined in—pastors, missionaries, scholars, lay people—singing songs, reading texts and sharing stories of God’s marvelous work in their lives. What sticks with me from this experience, however, is not so much the quality […]

Conquering Fear

“Jonah arose to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord…But the Lord sent out a great wind on the sea, and there was a mighty tempest on the sea…the mariners were afraid” (Jonah 1:1-5). Have you noticed how fear attacks you most where God calls you to serve? Fear can come in like […]

An Engaged Presence

God sends his word to the earth in the form of a child to express his love for all. This gift of love gave us access to understanding God’s heart for relationship with all mankind. He sent his presence through Jesus the Christ to draw us into a kingdom where abides as Father. In the […]

Student-Athletes Reflect Fresno Pacific University Off the Field as Well as On

In the world of college athletics, much of what goes on takes place in the public eye. Student-athletes perform in front of crowds, the results of games are reported in the media and the community takes a keen interest in how “their” teams perform. Here at FPU, however, athletics means so much more than what […]

Baccalaureate is a Dress Rehearsal for Eternity

One of my most meaningful memories from seminary was participating in the baccalaureate ceremony a few days before graduation in 2010. About 30 minutes prior to reporting for the processional, I tried the gown, hood and cap on for size. Before I could step fully into the living room, I could see the look of […]

Teaching from the “Right Side” of History

Awakening to history I grew up in a Pentecostal home, and my parents were deeply committed, Christian people. I grew up with the sense that the most important part of my faith was my personal salvation and the most important part of my salvation was going to heaven. “Now I lay me down to sleep; […]

Seeing the Possibilities: Doing the Common in Uncommon Ways

Our branding theme this year is “Possibility Happens Here.” You will find the Scriptures from Matthew 19:26 accompanying our communications about possibilities. Jesus says: “with God all things are possible.” So, this year we are looking forward to expanding the possibilities for our students and growing our engagement in Fresno and the Central Valley. Years […]

The Possibility of Substantial Significance

On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, I spent a little over through three hours strolling through the Alamo. I’m one of those people who really enjoys historic sites. I tend to want to read each plaque, view each highlight and I especially like the audio walking tours that many such sites now provide. In […]

Finding the Voice We’ve Always Had

“So stand with the belt of truth around your waist, justice as your breastplate, and put shoes on your feet so that you are ready to spread the good news of peace” St. Paul, to the Ephesians (6:14-15, CEB). “You know,” he said to me, “You work at the sleeping giant of the Valley!” “I […]

FPU Board of Trustees Looks to the Future with Joseph Jones

This past week the board had its very first regular meeting with Fresno Pacific University’s new president, Joseph Jones, Ph.D. The meeting featured both “business as usual” and discussions of a very promising nature regarding future possibilities at FPU. I reported to the board that “Dr. Joe” has settled in quite quickly and has capably […]