Training, Education and Learning

An article on C. S. Lewis and other writers in the “Inklings” group in the magazine Christian History (highly recommended) reminded me how Lewis can state an insight with elegant simplicity. The author drew upon a little known essay that I had not read for many years called “Our English Syllabus,” a brief talk on […]

The Creator’s Cosmic Conundrum

It is natural for a Christ-centered university like Fresno Pacific to mark the Christmas and Easter celebrations with holidays from our normal work as servant-learners, and with special worship events such as the Choir Concert last Sunday and Lessons and Carols last Christmas season. In these ways we mark the beginning and the climax of […]

Academic strategic planning – the arts and professions

As we put the final touches on the strategic plan for review by the Fresno Pacific University Board of Trustees in June, we are developing the sub-plans to implement the larger goals. Three in particular are the academic plan, the enrollment plan and the financial plan. The academic plan drives the others, but cannot dictate […]

God made us different

From my second floor window I could see Marshall Johnston out on the library green taking wildly exaggerated strides and waving his arms to exhort his history students into one of his famous mock battles. The students wore simulated ancient military garb and carried fake shields, swords and spears as they tried to hold the lines of their […]

Where do we go from here?

The accreditation visit is over. Where do we go from here? Over the last several years we have become a different kind of institution. To our ongoing and vibrant academic and spiritual discussion about how we are to serve in the modern world, how we practice professions and model the Christian life, we have added […]