It’s Personal

On the application form for anyone seeking employment at Fresno Pacific we ask each candidate to write a statement describing “[their] relationship with and commitment to Jesus Christ and the church and how [they] relate [their] Christian faith to [their] profession.” We do this not only because FPU is an explicitly Christian institution, but because […]

Faculty Scholarship Serves Everyone

“In order to pursue the mission of Fresno Pacific University and the Fresno Pacific Idea, our faculty must be comprised of academic leaders whose primary task and calling is scholarly teaching.” So reads the Faculty Handbook, which rightly elevates teaching as the noblest calling and highest pursuit of our faculty. At the same time, “scholarly” […]

Introducing Dale Simmons

I have been asked to introduce myself to the FPU community and I welcome the opportunity to do so. I was born in Fort Wayne, IN, and spent most of my childhood on a cul-de-sac in a small town in south central Michigan. It was very much a Leave-It-to-Beaveresque childhood. Of particular note, immediately adjacent […]