Faith-Based Institutions Under a Secular Government

During the 2015-16 California state legislative year that ends on August 31, two bills in particular attracted strong national as well as state-wide attention. One bill was AB 1888, which sought to prevent California students from using their Cal Grant financial aid to attend faith-based institutions like Fresno Pacific University. Fortunately for our students, that […]

Fall is Here, How Great is That?

This week I’m handing over Connecting Points to Randy Worden, dean of student life. Enjoy! — Rich I am always shocked at how fast summer goes and how quickly fall arrives. When I was younger, the beginning of the school year was something that always made me just a little bit sad. The change of […]

Connecting the Points to Create the Story

A futurist writes what-if scenarios, narrative descriptions of future conditions that might exist in a society, an economy, an industry, a movement, an organization or even a family or a church based on whether certain combinations of selected trends and events would converge. What if certain things are true and what if we all do […]

AI, the Initiative, Not the City

Ai was a small Amorite town in the land God had promised to his people; so small, in fact, that Joshua sent just 3,000 men to subjugate it. But instead of a swift, painless victory, they suffered a complete rout and 36 Israelites were killed fleeing the debacle. The reason for the failure was an […]

It’s Time for Christmas

At Christmas time we give gifts to people we love and to people we do not know. At Christmas time we stop trying to get even with people who have hurt us and instead we focus on showing kindness, even to people who do not deserve it. At Christmas time we are generous to people […]

Signs of Blessing

Hanging in our kitchen is a sign that says, “life’s greatest blessings call me grandma.” The sign asserts several significant aspects of reality, one of which is the obvious fact that the kitchen is grandma Peggi’s domain not mine. I visit there and help there. From that kitchen I am regularly fed and in that […]

Time for Action

This is a different kind of Connecting Points. Fresno Pacific University needs your immediate action to help prevent the California state assembly from creating a law that would threaten the religious freedom of all Christian colleges and universities in California and set a precedent for all religious organizations in the state. SB 1146 has already […]

Mission as Business and Business as Mission

What is your mission? It is a question consultants like to use to discover and clarify the reason that an organization exists. The response tends to be framed in lofty rhetoric. In Christian organizations the response tends to be even more lofty and more rhetorical. Very understandably and appropriately the expression becomes theological and spiritual […]