Of Sabbaticals and Spouses

Guest column by W. Marshall Johnston, Ph.D., associate professor of ancient history/classics One tradition that most clearly connects the modern professorate to its origin as part of the clergy is the practice of taking sabbaticals for rejuvenation and research. Just as the Lord’s people are to observe every seventh day and every seventh year, we […]

Almost Final Report on SB 1146

Because there has been so much consternation and confusion surrounding Senate Bill 1146, caused in large measure by the several dramatically different drafts of the bill that existed while California state legislators worked on it, we are providing below a copy of the final version that Governor Brown signed into law. You can see that […]

FPU-In-India: The Power of a Boat Ride

Today’s guest post is from Darren Duerksen, Ph.D., assistant professor of intercultural studies. Fresno Pacific University has enjoyed a relationship with India for many years. For example, from the 1970s to the present many Indian Mennonite Brethren leaders have come to FPU and Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary for education and training. In addition, many of […]

Connecting Creativity and Diversity

Diversity is extremely important in the life of Fresno Pacific University. We think about it, work on it and pray and pay for it constantly. It matters in our accreditation status; our relationships with state and federal agencies and programs; our reputation in the community and in national higher education rankings of quality and value; […]

FPU’s Many Faces of Spiritual Formation

Guest post by Angulus D. Wilson, Ph.D., University Pastor and Dean of Spiritual Formation, and Cindy Jurado Hernandez, M.A., Director of College Hour & Chapel Programs FPU’s Many Faces of Spiritual Formation Why is spiritual formation important for FPU students?  Angulus: Spiritual formation is important for FPU students because it transforms the lives and souls of […]

Listening to Fresno Pacific

You learn a lot more when you’re listening than when you’re talking. For many of us our roles in life require us to do a lot of talking. One of the differences between being a parent and a grandparent is that parents tend to talk more to children and grandparents often have learned to enjoy […]

Off to a Good Start

As Peggi and I were leaving home this Wednesday morning she mentioned quietly that today was our two-year anniversary. Clearly she was not referring to our wedding anniversary. My calendar for this Wednesday back in 2014 had only two entries: 8:00 o’clock—President’s Office; 3:00 o’clock—Town Hall (with all faculty and staff). The previous Tuesday night […]

Athletics Lives Out the Mission at FPU

Guest post written by Aaron Henderson, Director of Athletics Another season of FPU athletics is upon us. Our fall sports are in full swing with cross country, volleyball, soccer and men’s water polo each beginning their seasons last weekend as we kicked off our second full year as NCAA Division II members. As I head […]

With God All Things Are Possible

By a long-standing custom, this first Wednesday provides an opportunity for the president to mark the beginning of the academic year for the residential community on the main campus with a convocation. We sang a powerful and beautiful hymn focused on what the Bible calls “the mind of Christ,” a concept repeated often in the […]