Rejoice! Everything is a mess.

The year 2017 begins with what feels to most people like an unprecedented breadth and depth of uncertainty. The beginning of the year is often a time for individuals and organizations to review recent history and make plans for the year ahead. But the first rule of planning is to understand the reality of the […]

Making Future History

Guest column by John Kilroy, Ph.D., director of Academic Innovation As one year closes and another begins, it is good to take time to reflect. If we didn’t, it would be easy to miss the connection of the past to the present, and how God’s blessings have prepared us for the growth to come. This […]

“Sanctuary,” Christ and the rule of law

No one can accurately predict what the various campaign promises of president-elect Donald Trump will look like in the actuality of new laws, regulations and executive orders initiated by his administration. Very predictably, that uncertainty has produced correspondingly great and very real fears in those who feel most vulnerable to what could be sudden and […]

Taking the Mystery Out of Accreditation

Guest column by Cindy Carter, Ph.D., associate provost for institutional effectiveness and degree completion Accreditation—a word we hear a lot and a process that we know is very important to Fresno Pacific University, even if we’re not all sure exactly what it entails. This Q&A is designed to demystify this crucial procedure. What are the […]

From Exploring Ideas to Activating Them

Guest column by Randy White, D.Min., executive director, Center for Community Transformation, associate professor of community transformation, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary Seminaries are where we go to have long, earnest talks about God, right? They are for discussing theological nuances and exploring doctrine and thinking about the afterlife, right? They prepare people to serve inside […]

Rejoice, Pray and Give Thanks

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving each year all the offices on the main campus shut down around 11:30 a.m. and we all go to the Special Events Center, where our Pioneer food service staff serves a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the side dishes and pie for dessert. It is a great feast […]

The Politics of Fresno Pacific

When I am asked about the effects of the recent election—or other political or economic events—on Fresno Pacific University, I first talk about what hasn’t changed. FPU remains: Unchanged in our commitment to faithfulness, wisdom and service. Unchanged in our commitment to higher education that is centered in the way, the truth and the life […]

Of Sabbaticals and Spouses

Guest column by W. Marshall Johnston, Ph.D., associate professor of ancient history/classics One tradition that most clearly connects the modern professorate to its origin as part of the clergy is the practice of taking sabbaticals for rejuvenation and research. Just as the Lord’s people are to observe every seventh day and every seventh year, we […]

Almost Final Report on SB 1146

Because there has been so much consternation and confusion surrounding Senate Bill 1146, caused in large measure by the several dramatically different drafts of the bill that existed while California state legislators worked on it, we are providing below a copy of the final version that Governor Brown signed into law. You can see that […]