Devotional Thought from The Book of Exodus

Making Bricks without Straw:“Wait on God until things get better.” Exodus 5:1-22 By Angulus Wilson Introduction: This text is very much about the opposition to the people of God when it comes to worshipping Him. Pharaoh does not want to let God’s people go that they may live lives of worship unto God! We can […]

Spiritual warfare in the early Church

  Spiritual warfare and the world have been in existence since the fall of man. The early church leaders suffered at the hands of Satan and were brutally killed because of their faith. Historians capture these events so that modernity might not forget them. According to Scripture, the followers of Jesus and early church fathers […]

“Spiritual Warfare in Ministry”

 By Rick Warren If you were to come to my office, you’d find five full-length filing cabinets, lined up one after another. Each of them is full of files: Bible studies, ideas, sermons, messages, research, and such. One of the most important files I have is a yellow one labeled, “Warnings – Lessons to be […]

What We Believe @ FPU

One of the greatest privileges I have as a University Pastor is upholding the doctrinal position of our Institution. This great ministry founded long ago by pilgrims of the faith, who had a vision for making disciples excites me to no-end. The same Jesus that they fell in love with and followed to the end […]