Simeon: Let Your Servant Go in Peace

“This man was righteous and devout, and the Holy Spirit rested upon him. The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he would not see death until he had seen the Lord’s Messiah.” -Luke 2:25-26

Read Luke 2:25-35

I have seen many years; I take heart.

I found Hope the moment I saw this child—the poor parents,

Pilgrims of Galilee with accents foreign and papers forged;

They have few friends in this stately Temple, and

Roman (Assur, Chaldean, Persian, Macedonian, Umayyad, Crusader, Turkish, British, Israeli)

Guards have no time for sentimental peasants. I have

Seen too many rebellions break against a wall of bloody shields and

The next one will surely be the End of this place.

The girl will suffer like none other. While her child will surely die,

Victim, lamb upon the Altar of the world, she will

Linger, she will not see death like me. Is this blessing or curse?

Surely the truth is a sword, carving death and

Life in one stroke—the truth, her—our—Hope.

I cannot contain myself, and gather the fussy, soiled child

From the startled teenage girl, her husband stumbling as

Surprise gives way to wonder. And so I sing! Yes,

What more worthy honor for a King than a song! Herald the

Consolation of our people—Salvation, as lips become midwives,

A happy fool’s song for a baby.

King of Kings, Immanu-El. This world suffers the pain of disunity and violence. May we, like Simeon, honor you as we seek to build and proclaim a better world for all.

Karl A. Gurney, M.A. Theology Student, Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary